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Also, I like the idea of a poor kid being able to buy an obsolete used controller, learn it, master it and be able to do honest money. Thats something I can get behind and upgrade no problem. Rinse and repeat until the Mac itself dies, MacOS kills that Macbook model, the apps themselves update beyond the hardware.

We have to take into consideration that processing wise an old i7 Macbook Pro still has more processing power and more cores than most of the new Macbooks Air and the gold Macbook. That m7 core still cant go against an i7. Check the geekbench numbers on those models. With Macs this is usually done with the software OS since the hardware is always class compliant. However since their Core Services are very hardware dependent, they have to support all versions and protocols of chipsets.

Some of those chipsets also support multiple versions downward compatibility.

Now all of this sounds pretty cool, however in case of that Denon player in some cases a player or controller needs an older protocol say USB 1. Now if the CoreAudio developers drop support for that protocol version even though the hardware would support it it will no longer be recognized. Usually in Apples case this is however only with very old hardware, they support protocols and formats usually for at least 8 years. So in some cases this might also be the manufacturers fault well USB 1 is enough… implementing an deprecated feature… so blame cannot be solely given to one party.

Anyone using Native Instruments Audio 8 DJ with MacOS anymore?

Denon thankfully have caught up with this and all their current gear is state of the art. Non compliance means in any case you need drivers. On the other hand driver can get outdated and no longer supported.

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Windows 10 has even nicer feature: Mega-Updates. Now Windows 10 compatible does not mean it runs on Windows Those Mega-Updates can alter main components and hence cause drivers to stop working the AMD grafix driver issue with the last monster update…. However yes Windows OS major releases are further apart than MacOS yearly and hence general compatibility is easier to achieve once you have a driver. I am not going into NI and how they support stuff, I switched from Traktor to Serato 6 years ago and never looked back. Generally a laptop is considered outdated after 5 years.

Any time after that is a bonus. I know very few people who get away with owning and operating a year old laptop.

DJControl Inpulse 200

A bit like older cars. You can keep SOME of them rolling, but usually just dropping it at a garage for maintenance is no longer an option. You will have to do it yourself in your own garage. And there still are plenty of controllers out there that will happily work with a software on a laptop with an OS.

If you are so poor that buying even a used relatively current controller is out of your reach, I doubt you will be facing problems like your MacBook Pro not supporting it with Sierra, or your Windows 10 laptop not connecting. Most likely your laptop will also be old, shabby and running Windows XP. Audio Kontrol 1 had 10 years support. Being accepting of these things as consumers will only make companies push harder towards short support timeframes.

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  4. It was 10 years, now is 6 next your brand new MCX will stop getting support in But whatever, fool me once… I dont dig companies going head over heels pushing products recklessly to make a buck while creating boatloads of junk for landfills. As a business student this will be something people will be getting more aware in the future. Just like you mention, 15 years ago getting into DJing was expensive but those who invested then and take care of their stuff still have their Technics and old mixers.

    The trend will change into sustainable quality althou more expensive over cheap churned products. Eurorack is a good example of this where they have very expensive modules but they will last forever, no drivers to cut off.

    Native Instruments Audio 8 DJ Operation Manual

    Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 of 12 total. October 6, at pm Does anyone else have this problem? Is my only option to upgrade to the A6 or A10, or is there a way to keep using the A8 reliably? I think 96k switch fixes the dropouts but I don't know if I want to rely on this soundcard anymore given that possibility. And I'm not leaning toward buying another NI soundcard; who's to say how long the A10 will be good for? Audio10 is discontinued, as well. I dont see NI focusing on DJ's for very much longer. I wish you the best of luck. Will crash from time to time. Definitely OK for production, but wouldn't take it out to a gig just yet Learn every DJ technique used by top DJs.

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