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Classic editor History Comments Share. Martellus von Blitzengaard, or Tweedle, as Tarvek refers to him, is Tarvek's cousin and, according to the Knights of Jove not to mention Tweedle himself , the current leading candidate for the title of Storm King. This is Genius Wario's attack. Fusion Dexter and Computress, along with an army of Fusion Monsters, are trying to steal technology from Dexter's This page was last edited on 29 July , at Drakken plans to use Project Phoebus to make himself a genius.

The Genius Bar is a tech support station located inside Apple's retail stores, the purpose of which is to provide concierge-style support for customers of Apple products. After hearing this story, Trubadur jr. Yet, a Sim can still have the "genius" and "absent-minded" trait. The Forces of Justice are an assortment of government counter-terrorist agencies that are your main enemies in the game. Genius is an emotional trait available in The Sims 4. The Genius of Marriages. Genius Grove is the location where Dexter once lived.

The students also teach me technology that I may not know about during this time also. His true form appears as a snake like humanoid with long sharp talons and grey scaly skin and large red eyes which he uses to hypnotize his victims. Jump to: navigation, search. Genius armor.

The key difference between a wise hero and a genius is a genius will have the knowledge to do amazing things but a wise hero will be able to apply the knowledge they have with ease and is rarely wrong. The site's aim is "not to translate rap into 'nerdspeak', but rather to critique rap as poetry. Now you'll witness the might of… Really! Does no one ever listen?! Fusion Muahaha! Yes, I can feel it! I can taste it! No, not the eggs! Evolution By the power of these Eggs! I have the powerrrrr!!! ErhmmPaskua is mineeeee!!! Unit Lore A self-proclaimed mad scientist from the mysterious world of Paskua.

Genius often goes hand in hand with Wisdom but a genius is not necessarily a wise hero and vice-versa. That is an ingenious model of the atom. Genius designs personal peripheral devices with a target to provide a better experience in everyone's lives. The Getaway Genius was a brilliant criminal mastermind and an expert in all forms of traps and devices that may be useful in thwarting Batman and Robin long enough for a proper getaway to be made. Roughly articles have been recovered and the collection is presented here.

The Church of the SubGenius was founded in by J. However, when Gokudera hides, Bel's knives implant themselves into the wall beside Gokudera. It features the full debut of Kamen Rider MadRogue after his brief appearance at the end of the previous episode and the debut of the Genius Fullbottle. Henchmen will also respond to kill and capture tags. A genius loci is an elemental spirit of a powerful area of land, typically crossed with ley lines.

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A level 83 Genius. Sub-power of Enhanced Condition. It's bad enough that he's in college before he's 14, and he's helping a scientist who's in the midst of trying to defy gravity. Visit Genius to find your devices with high quality, easy usage and effective cost. They are ranked Level 6 on the Power Grid. The key to a successful genius hour proposal is to be prepared with all of the positive outcomes from a genius hour project. Ela pode se manifestar por. An example of a Sim with both of these traits is Cycl0n3 Sw0rd.

Each individual place had a genius genius loci and so did powerful objects, such as volcanoes. That is all the information that could be found about this episode. Instead, Rufus becomes a super genius, but his attempt to help Ron cheat at Algebra unintentionally gets Ron Testboy Genius is an episode that was supposed to air in the middle of the first season. In his fortress, Dr. Darwin is sent to a government institute for geniuses after scoring highly on an aptitude test. Witty; original; shrewd; adroit; keen; sagacious. Genius formerly Rap Genius is an American digital media company.

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Currently, we have articles and also 7, files on this wiki. The shaded verandah and cool stone floors make it an ideal place to sit, read or even nap in the heat of the day. As with most mosques, remember to take your shoes off before entering and dress conservatively if you wish to enter. Closes for lunch and on weekends. A French-built Catholic cathedral in the city centre. Free entry.

Dedicated to Lady Thien Hau, the sea goddess, who left two giant turtles to keep an eye on things in her absence. A festival is held in her honor on the 23rd day of the March lunar month. Don't miss the gorgeous sculptures in the walls of the courtyard outside the temple.

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  • Entry free. Open 8AMPM. The oldest pagoda in town, home of a lot of incense and a cheerful puppy. Dedicated to the god of happiness and virtue. The pagoda itself is dusty and dwarfed by high-rises under construction nearby, but the small, sculpted grounds are a good place for a rest from the hectic city.

    It stands metres high consisting of 68 floors, the lowest of which are occupied by retail stores, food outlets and the FV medical clinic 3rd floor , above this are offices with restricted access. To the Vietnamese, the lotus is a symbol of purity, commitment and optimism. Open every day am - pm last entry 45 minutes prior to closing. Facilities include a gift shop, information touch screens in English and Vietnamese , free to use binoculars and complimentary bottled water.

    The 50th floor is also freely accessible via a set of stairs which lead to a cafe that serves a range of refreshments. Head up to the 52nd floor, the one with the helicopter deck change elevators at the 50th and ask for the Eon Heli Bar. Happy hour for not too expensive drinks with free music, nuts and olives and a great view of the city. At night there is dressed-up bar employees on the 1st floor to show you to the elevators to the 50th floor and onward to the 52nd floor.

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    Go to their website for lot of resources. If you're comfortable with driving in Vietnam, you can use the itinerary to go on your own to save money. Otherwise, these guys are ranked 1 for the Cu Chi Tunnels. Don't miss this! Innoviet Travel offer a non-touristy tour with homestay and cycling. From in-home massages to luxury spas, you are exposed to hundreds of wellness centers. YOK Home Spa : If your muscles are tired but you are feeling too lazy to go out, just order home service.

    They send therapists to your place to give massage and other beauty services at your place. Serving ladies and couples only. Great value! Highly recommended. Temple Leaf Sauna and Spa : Good spa with good facility and plenty of packages. Thann Sanctuary : High end place with professional service and beautifully decorated interior. They also sell their own line of natural beauty products.

    Ga Spa has provided successful treatment services to 1,, customers for more than 7 years. The scenario will lead the visitor to some of Cholon best kept secrets: century-old temples and pagodas, traditional Chinese medicine boutiques, votive paper shops and hidden lanes. Urban Tales is also a formidable opportunity to meet locals who will interact with you all along this scripted walking tour to bring you additional clues and help you solve the murder of Dr Lam.

    Price: Tours form a few hours to multi-day adventures. The morning tour is more like a classical city tour no food included to enjoy Saigon by day! Nice way to visit the city, comfortably sitting in an open top classic car! Visit Dam Sen Park downtown to try out the many unique water slides. New slides are added nearly every year, but the Space Bowl is "classic.

    Cititrails This is a new activity! During this tour, you will use a dedicated mobile app and a provided smartphone which will lead you through the city at your own pace and in full autonomy. A great excursion with friends or family and an original way to explore hidden parts of this vibrant city!

    The Vietnamese have gained an international reputation as hair stylists, and this is one way to make yourself "look like a local. A O, which translated phonetically as the Ahhh! The show is being touted as the first performance using contemporary circus aka. The haunting beauty of Vietnam is depicted through the harmonious blend of athleticism, acrobatic acts, dance, drama in live traditional music in the show. If you come to Vietnam and expect to do something different, one way is to do a motorcycle trip. Close to the city centre. Opened in , with new water slides added each year.

    This water park offers some truly unique water slide experiences, including the amazing "Space Bowl". The slides have been badly designed and it's a common sight to see someone clutching their head when leaving them. Restaurant, health services, and animatronic dinosaurs are on the premises. Admission is based on height and time of arrival; under 0. MegaStar Cineplex , [74]. All locations present first-run US Hollywood and International releases and are located at shopping complexes. The latest show session times and dates are available online.

    Galaxy Cinema at , Nguyen Du, District 1, is a favorite among locals. No experience of woodworking is required to start assembling with LiK. You can create real products by using the LiK eco-wooden blocks. The LiK workshop is also suitable for families and kids above 9 years old. Your kids can learn the first steps to make real and useful objects with wood. You can keep the object you build during the workshop as a gift and proof of your new skills.

    Licensed motorbike tours around the city with themes like food, shopping, twilight, general sightseeing, and more. It features the Dai Nam Van Hien Temple, an entertainment site, open range zoo, shopping areas, hotels, local and western cuisine sites, and the largest man made mountain range in Vietnam. Costing over 50 billion dong to build, this park is the beginning of mass tourism in Vietnam, although it is aimed at both tourists and locals and comes highly recommended. Transport options to the park are quite convoluted and as the park is new, online information is scarce.

    Reports are that you can catch the bus from the main bus terminal in Ho Chi Minh, but most hotels will tell you that's not possible and insist on a private taxi. According to the locals, it is very much worth a visit, purely just to view the temple. Entry is , VND for adults, 50, for children. Be aware that most attractions in the park cost extra on top of the entry fee, but adult tickets combining the zoo and beach can be had for , VND.

    Running along Phan Ngu Lao Street are a number of parks which fill up with locals before sunset, after work. They play a variety of games which you can participate in: badminton, kicking a shuttlecock and womens group aerobics to music are all very popular and great to watch. If you sit down by yourself in the open area near the Ben Thanh market a number of young university age locals will come and ask to practise english with you, this is a great way to spend an evening and the best way to meet intelligent interesting youth, they will question you either individually or in groups and share with you a lot about their country.

    Advisable to take a cab there if visiting. Courtyard has a small concrete pond filled with turtles. Might be interesting if you are curious about local religions, as the temple is usually quite filled with devotees. Sample some of the world's best street food with Saigon Street Eats, run by an Australian-Vietnamese couple who love to share their obsession with Vietnamese food.

    Morning and night tours available. Ignore the address, Saigon Street Eats will pick you up from your accommodation. Quality guides and safe drivers offering bespoke and off-the-shelf tours on the back of their motorbikes around Ho Chi Minh City and a little further afield. Tours range from a half day exploring the sights of the city to full day excursions in and beyond Saigon. Duration:4 hours. Scooter Tour Saigon shows you Saigon like nobody else can - with amazing back street experience on Scooter, delicious local street foods, awesome guides and best photo opportunities.

    Every Monday and Wednesday night weather permitting. Great way to stay in shape and meet new people--locals and foreigners. Anyone can play, as teams are created at the beginning of the night. Rules are quite simple and will be explained. If you are visiting Ho chi minh city.


    Make sure to pay a visit to try some Yoga with Amit an alignment base yoga practice. There are also videos that can be checked out by searching in youtube for yoga with amit. Regular learning yoga videos are published there so you can keep up with your practice even after you have returned to your home. A fun and exhilarating non-contact fitness class combining kickboxing and high intensity interval training HIIT. All equipment provided.

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    Booking essential. Original and quality souvenir t-shirts with creative designs inspired by Asian and Vietnamese cultures. They have anoher store within District 1, located at 56, Bui Vien. Bum specializes in unisex clothing such as Jogger pants, hoodie, T-shirt Vietnamese contemporary original art works including oil paintings, lacquer paintings, water color paintings and sculpture.

    SONG, specializing in luxury bohemian-chic is a French lifestyle label inspired by Vietnam fine handmade traditions. Visually-striking Wearable Art exclusively designed by Artists of Vietnam. The line include dresses, tops, skirts with huge prints all over. Tourists will definitely love this shop for art clothing to bring home. A tourist trap and hassle-fest for some, a place to get t-shirts and last-minute souvenirs and play at haggling for others. Ben Thanh is recognizable from its clock tower on the large traffic circle.

    The largest old-style market in the central district, with several hundred small stalls stuffed with goods on almost impassably narrow aisles. Due to its popularity with tourists, the market is now divided between tourist goods jeans, T-shirts, smaller souvenirs in abundance and regular items fruit and vegetables, rice, kitchen wares, flowers, meat, fast food and local-style pickled fruits and candies. The chief method of parting visitors from their money is ambiguity : for example never making it quite clear how many you are being quoted for; or what the exact price is; or what exchange rate is being used to calculate your change.

    Be ready for these onslaughts often by a sweetly smiling young lady , or be prepared to part with more cash than you need to. Right at the north side back of Ben Thanh Market are some shops that are operated by Ben Thanh Group and they sell goods at fixed price and much cheaper than the stalls in the market.

    No bargaining needed. If the good selection of knock-offs here just won't do, there's plenty to be had in the surrounding side street shops or night market later. Saigon Square will be good place for visit. It is a twin of Ben Thanh but with air-conditioning. Haggling your way through this place is the rule of thumb. Local middle-class Vietnamese shop here on the weekends too. Consider planning your shopping here during the day and go to Ben Thanh for the night market. The Day Ben Thanh can be planned as a sight seeing instead of a shopping spree. It is a stones throw from Ben Thanh Market.

    Has 2 sites, but both better value than Ben Thanh and less hassle. It's clean and air-conditioned and not a tourist trap. Small stalls selling mainly clothes and shoes. Also a food court. In fact, you can see much of Ben Thanh Market's goods are from here. Night Market just outside of Ben Thanh Market. Here you can enjoy many kinds of different food and drink, and go round to do your shopping as well.

    Open from when the Ben Thanh Market closes. Hidden behind rows of hardware and electric supplies shops, just brace yourself and enter. Dense warrens of stalls with old American military gear of indeterminate authenticity e. Don't hope to find a genuine Marine Zippo; they're all fake now. Not in the main market but to east and north. If you walk around the outside of the market you will come across it. Perfect for a teacher new to the city. This is a rather sterile department store of sorts filled with stalls selling touristy kitsch, although the selections get better as you ascend the levels.

    There's a good supermarket on level 2. If you are traveling here by taxi, the new name may be met by blank expressions from taxi drivers. The old name seems to work. The name in Vietnamese is "Thuong Xa Tax". Small western-style supermarkets , can be found on the top floor of the Parkson department store one block northeast of the Opera House, and in Diamond Plaza, behind the Cathedral, on the top floor of the department store. Prices are reasonably lower, though the selection leans more toward Vietnamese culinary requirements.

    For most visitors, the only reason to go there is to enjoy the air-con, and derive some amusement from the silly-high prices of western-branded consumer goods. A gallery showing contemporary Vietnamese artists, both established and emerging. There's another showroom at C Dong Khoi in District 1. A craft gallery showcasing handicraft objects from Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries with contemporary design and traditional techniques. There are several shops along this street selling oil painting at reasonable prices ranging from ,,, dong. If you want a portrait of a Vietnamese painting or even have your own photograph oil-painted, shop around here.

    You can get a readily available portrait within a day or two. Unfortunately, all I can say is that the Foundation is aware of the need for this information. Otherwise, they wouldn't've scheduled time to work on it during the Amsterdam Hackathon.

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    • I'm not sure. Typically you'd see patrolling features on the official MediaWiki roadmap if it were a priority, but it isn't there yet. Then again, bug 17, makes it sound like some volunteers are leading the effort to develop such features, rather than the Foundation. I can ask around on IRC or the mailing list and try to get better patrol reports on the developers' radar.

      Navigation menu

      Since you patrol pages much more frequently than I do these days, perhaps you could better articulate why we need a better way to see individual edits that have or haven't been patrolled. Non-patrollers probably can't see the! Otherwise the community relies too much on patrollers and especially administrators to maintain quality, when in fact it's the whole community's job to closely monitor and improve edits.

      In addition, it would greatly help if more community members patrollers and normal users could offer their opinions. No offense, but if just you or I were to ask the developers on IRC for better patrolling reports, we'd be told to file a bug in Bugzilla. It'd probably meet the same fate as bug 45, But a larger group of editors can get more attention. Non-English wikis, such as the German or French Wikipedias, occasionally manage to get Foundation's attention for technology projects subject to donor generosity if they can demonstrate a need that doesn't apply to the English Wikipedia.

      I am using the Vietnamese Wiktionary in order to find the Vietnamese pronounciations of the Chinese characters, and it is very useful for me. Thank you very much for your answer and explanations. I have made some researches on the Internet but unfortunately, I haven't found anything. I hope your trip to Mexico went well! Thanks for understanding. I suppose it's more frustrating that there's been so little progress on edit patrolling features, anyhow. But as the English Wiktionary has shown time and time again, the fastest way to get new software features is to write them in JavaScript, without the Foundation's involvement.

      Since I may have time to work on Wiktionary in the near future, are there any English Wiktionary features you'd like to see here? We might not be able to copy their scripts or templates as-is since our entry syntax is so different , but I may be able to develop an equivalent here, like I did with MediaWiki:Gadget-did you mean.

      I never liked the idea of "welcoming" new users with bots, honestly. What automatic welcome system are you referring to? MediaWiki has a built-in feature that displays this page after you create a new local account, but it isn't shown to users who already have a CentralAuth account. As I mentioned, MediaWiki:Welcomecreation-msg is automatically displayed to users after they create an account, one time only.

      But MediaWiki doesn't support automatically creating talk pages. I don't think the MediaWiki developers would support a system for doing that, since Welcomecreation-msg and welcome bots already serve the same purpose. We could modify MediaWiki:Noarticletext to display a special welcome message when a user talk page doesn't exist, but the new user would still have to know to visit that page; there would be no "new message" notification. What would be the benefit to automatically creating user talk pages without using bots? Yep, most larger wikis have bots running constantly, usually as a cron job on Wikimedia Germany's Toolserver or Wikimedia Tool Labs , rather than from a user's personal computer.

      Some wikis wait until you've made your first edit before welcoming you, while others pool dozens of bots to deliver the message almost immediately. It sometimes adds multiple pages a minute. I have an account at both Toolserver and Tool Labs and can run bots there if necessary, but I never liked how impersonal it feels to get a boilerplate welcome from a bot. Other websites get by just fine with a simple, one-time welcome page. The bots still run on a computer, just not a personal computer. The Toolserver and Tool Labs provide Wikimedians with shell accounts on shared servers.

      So I would log into those computers remotely using SSH and set up a bot that runs continuously on there.

      China sends warning as Trump urges Xi to meet with protesters

      They also provide access to frequent dumps of Wikipedia and Wikidata data, which is useful for typo-correcting bots and the like. My personal opinion is that new users need some kind of welcome, but bot messages on talk pages come across as impersonal and unfriendly. The original purpose of welcome templates was to make it easy for community members to thank each user for their first contribution to the project. But if I remember correctly, the Vietnamese Wikipedia had a vote long ago on the subject, and the community decided to use bots to welcome users automatically and sign the messages with the names of sysops.

      At that point, I stopped welcoming users manually because it was pretty time consuming. That's a bit of an unusual request, but it makes sense. Unfortunately, even though I can make Pendragon5 a sysop, I can't desysop Trongphu; you'd have to ask the stewards at Meta to do that for you. So here's one possible way to accomplish moving your sysop rights:.

      I think the community would be fine with that approach. Come to think of it, there's a simpler way: I could rename Trongphu to a name of your chosing, which would detach the account from your global account. You'll then be able to log into the Vietnamese Wiktionary without automatically logging into other wikis. As far as I can tell, your rights would stay with you under the new name. If you'd like that new name to be Pendragon5, I can rename Pendragon5 to something else first. So think of any renaming as a permanent change.

      Let me know if you still want to go forward with it, or whether you want to follow the original plan desysopping Trongphu so that Pendragon5 can become a sysop. Either way, I'd still like to informally consult the community about it, just to make sure no one objects. Sorry that this wound up being so complicated.

      Alternatively, you could try turning off all notifications, emptying your watchlist, and posting a wikivacation notice on your talk page at Wikipedia. If you really want to avoid temptation, you could even ask to get blocked there. The irony isn't lost on me. You're right, self-blocks are very rare because it looks bad on your permanent record.

      I guess I'd just edit as Pendragon5 until I need to delete a page or ban a user; then I'd quickly log back in as Trongphu just to take care of my sysop work and switch back to Pendragon5. Your password will be the same for both the global Trongphu and the local NotTrongphu. When you log into here as NotTrongphu then go to Wikipedia, you won't be logged in there. But when you log into Wikipedia as Trongphu then go to Wiktionary, you'll be logged in as the global Trongphu, with no sysop rights. The new user log will say that Trongphu has just joined the Vietnamese Wiktionary.

      Meanwhile, NotTrongphu will continue to have sysop rights; you can log out and log back in as NotTrongphu. At that point, though, even the stewards will probably be unable to undo these changes. Many wikis, like the English Wikipedia, deal with these issues by saying you may not transfer your sysop rights to someone else, and you must give up your sysop rights when getting renamed locally as opposed to being renamed by a steward globally.

      There was a case where someone voluntarily gave up their sysop rights after one week, hoping to transfer them to a new account, but they were told to earn their sysop rights anew under the new name. I think this community knows you well enough to trust you with a rename, but I have a responsibility to inform the community or whoever's still paying attention. Or you can ask the community yourself, in your own words. Long story short, there are complicated ways to achieve what you're trying to do, but in the end, you're still going to need to practice self-control.

      Best of luck! In Southern Vietnamese, the word xin is pronounced like the second syllable of the word person? Oh, I didn't realize it appeared there. The soft sound at the end is kh?