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The basic thing the dev console does is to tell you what the game AI has been doing last turn. Now, to cheats themselves. On a side note, unpacking all packs will speed things up since game will access uncompressed data instead of looking in archives.

Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos

You can even delete the file packs after that, but you'd better move them somewhere else and keep them since upcoming patches might modify the archive files or make use of a user-preferred file override system. Anyway, back to the cheat.

The first names the skill being added, the second names the skill number from the lua file to be added. In the second example, skill 19 corresponds to pathfinding. How can I support maps4heroes. Author: bigcitymama greece , excellent - First part - Heroes 3 map that was good,only level limit is a low hit ,cause no creature level up after that!

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Author: wuudi , purple turn crashes the game - Lord of The Rings 3. Author: Tomas Zilina , What to do after killing the elves? Author: linh vietnam , discovery map - Lord of The Rings 3. Add a map.

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Heroes 5 V - Maps. Heroes 4 IV - Maps. Heroes 3 III - Maps. Heroes5forever at wrote:. For example hero Vladimir necropolis. His "second" name is not Pelt. I tried to write cheat GiveArtefact "Pelt", 22 and it not worked.

Heroes of Might and Magic V Cheat Codes - PC

Hero Kaspar necropolis - same problem with name "Gles" I have a problem. I figured out the cheats and everything, but when adding army, I can only get the heaven army. Please if you use the code differently and it works for you, could you just tell me what code you use? Alexyn at wrote:. I have Heroes 5 on disc and just downloaded Hammer of Fate via a PC download not a hard copy - from the instructions above, it wasn't difficult to find the text file in order to enable the console, but I cannot find the config file in which to enter the line of code which enables cheats.

Thank you. Heroes 5 tribes of the east How can i add dragons pls I cant get this to work.. It's not true that cheats don't work with lower Heroes 5 version's like 1. At all change the pressure key.

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I've done it with Heroes 5 version 1. Mitchell at wrote:. Ok i got it working finally. He borrowed books from the library and announced to buy these wonderful guess it would be their material possessed the are very skillful. Hello All After lurking around www. There seems to be some really good member in here and I like much very.. Please forgave me if I get on your nerves by my speaking but English is not me first Language In case anyone is still having troublke with the cheats You have to go to your own profile directory, then look under My Games. You should have the various profiles there- one for the first Campaigns, the other for Hammers of Fate.

You should do this for any new profiles you create. Any questions pls feel free to email me.

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  • I'm too lazy to do the all chapter again lol Thanks and bb. Hello, just one question I've the hammers extension and just wanted to activate cheats.

    I've done everything Evgeniy said but After a lot of efforts the console finally appeared a miracle I guess but cheats just don't work, no matter what I do. Warning, using certain cheats can screw up your game. Tibbles, is there one for giving gold, giving mana, and research, like finish reserach or research all? Thanks, Tibbles, understand your caution. Will try out the codes you mentioned with the understanding that they could result in having to start a game over. If you recall the code for gold please let us know…. Use the following with care! They might make the game unstable, or cause game breaking bugs, especially in the campaign!

    HEIN — Win the current map.

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    If you use this in the campaign, the next map might not work properly! Do they work? Oh well, all it does is fire off 3 or 4other cheats all at once. In case you were curious, Brian was one of the programmers, and he made the cheat to help people, since they were getting sick of having to enter 4 or 5 cheats each time they wanted to test something. Does it give a sound or open a window? Or do you type in the commands?