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Photo-dissociation of naphthalene dimer cations stored in a compact electrostatic ion storage ring Bernard J.

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Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. Relaxation study of pre-densified silica glasses under 2. Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for human and animal health: A review Gaudiuso R. Spectrochimica Acta Part B-atomic Spectroscopy, vol. Evaluation of the theranostic properties of gadolinium-based nanoparticles for head and neck cancer Quatre R. An intuitive approach to structuring the three electric field components of light Maucher F.

Journal of Applied Physics, vol. Czochralski crystal growth and characterization of large langatate La3Ga5. Wavelength scaling of terahertz pulse energies delivered by two-color air plasmas Nguyen A.

Ngọc nữ Cbiz từng nổi đình nổi đám: Người thất thế mờ nhạt, kẻ chật vật sống từng ngày-Ngôi sao

Anisotropic composite polymer for high magnetic force in microfluidic systems Deman A. Site stability and pipe diffusion of hydrogen under localised shear in aluminium Wang Y. Philosophical Magazine, vol. UNSP Confined growth with slow surface kinetics: A thin film model approach Gagliardi L.

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Biomedical Optics Express, vol.

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Thermal transport at a nanoparticle-water interface: A molecular dynamics and continuum modeling study Rajabpour A. Shape-selective synthesis of nanoceria for degradation of paraoxon as a chemical warfare simulant Trenque I. Status and demand of research to bring laser generation of nanoparticles in liquids to maturity Amans D. Design of a robust and compact gamma sensor: Assessment of uranium detection in underground COx mudstone for nuclear waste management Lin Z.

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, vol. Tribology Letters, vol. Multi-slit-type interference in carbon 2s photoionization of polyatomic molecules: from a fundamental effect to structural parameters Kushawaha R. Diode-pumped continuous-wave a- and c-cut Pr:Sr0. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, vol. Drug delivery to tumours using a novel 5-FU derivative encapsulated into lipid nanocapsules Lollo G.

Tuning of impurity-bound interlayer complexes in a van der Waals heterobilayer Vialla F. Relaxation dynamics induced in glasses by absorption of hard x-ray photons Pintori G. Nucleation in confinement generates long-range repulsion between rough calcite surfaces Dziadkowiec J. Self-propulsion of symmetric chemically active particles: Point-source model and experiments on camphor disks Boniface D. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, vol. Large enhancement of the thermoelectric power factor in disordered materials through resonant scattering Thebaud S.

Fast determination of coarse-grained cell anisotropy and size in epithelial tissue images using Fourier transform Durande M. Porosity evolution of expanded vermiculite under pressure: the effect of pre-compaction Balima F. Acs Earth and Space Chemistry, vol. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, vol. Direct link between mechanical stability in gels and percolation of isostatic particles Tsurusawa H. Acs Applied Nano Materials, vol. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, vol. Investigation of signal extraction in the frame of laser induced breakdown spectroscopy imaging Motto-Ros V.


A readily usable two-photon fluorescence lifetime microendoscope Hage C. Journal of Biophotonics, vol. UNSP e Brittle-to-quasibrittle transition in creep rupture of 2D disordered elastic materials Fusco C. Journal of Statistical Mechanics-theory and Experiment, vol. Theoretical Chemistry Accounts, vol. Organotypic and primary neural cultures as models to assess effects of different gold nanostructures on glia and neurons Ji J. Shaping the longitudinal electric field component of light Maucher F.

Complex Light and Optical Forces Xiii, vol. Towards a simplified description of thermoelectric materials: accuracy of approximate density functional theory for phonon dispersions Niehaus T. Ab initio thermodynamics of carbon segregation on dislocation cores in bcc iron Luthi B. Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering, vol. Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta, vol. Two dimensional diffusion-controlled triplet-triplet annihilation kinetics Gschwend G. Green-Kubo measurement of liquid-solid friction in finite-size systems Oga H.

Large effect of lateral box size in molecular dynamics simulations of liquid-solid friction Ogawa K. Investigation on the material in the plasma phase by high temporally and spectrally resolved emission imaging during pulsed laser ablation in liquid PLAL for NPs production and consequent considerations on NPs formation Dell'Aglio M. Gold nanoclusters as a contrast agent for image-guided surgery of head and neck tumors Colombe C. Nanomedicine-nanotechnology Biology and Medicine, vol.

Intensity modulated terahertz vortex wave generation in air plasma by two-color femtosecond laser pulses Ivanov M. Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, vol. Shear force measurement of the hydrodynamic wall position in molecular dynamics Herrero C. Femtosecond predissociation dynamics of ethyl iodide in the B-band Murillo-Sanchez M. Seed orientation and pulling rate effects on bubbles and strain distribution on a sapphire crystal grown by the micro-pulling down method Bouaita R.

Thermodynamics of supercooled and stretched water: Unifying two-structure description and liquid-vapor spinodal Caupin F. Enhanced two-photon absorption of ligated silver and gold nanoclusters: theoretical and experimental assessments Bonacic-Koutecky V. Origin of dynamical instabilities in some simulated two-dimensional materials: GaSe as a case study Radescu S. High photoluminescence of shortwave infrared- emitting anisotropic surface charged gold nanoclusters Musnier B.

Sub nanometer silver doped gold-cysteine supramolecular assemblies with enhanced nonlinear optical properties Fakhouri H. Spectroscopic diagnostic for the ring-size of carbohydrates in the gas phase: furanose and pyranose forms of GalNAc Schindler B. Effect of sub-surface hydrogen on intrinsic crack tip plasticity in aluminium Wang Y.

Ion mobility resolved photo-fragmentation to discriminate protomers Choi C. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, vol. Direct determination of molecular weight distribution of calf-thymus DNAs and study of their fragmentation under ultrasonic and low-energy infrared irradiations. A charge detection mass spectrometry investigation Halim M. In-depth study of annealed porous silicon: Understand the morphological properties effect on negative LiB electrode performance Roland A. Meso-tetrakis 3,4,5-trimethoxyphenyl porphyrin derivatives: Synthesis, spectroscopic characterizations and adsorption of NO2 Soury R.

Chemical Engineering Journal, vol. On the use of CdSe scintillating nanoplatelets as time taggers for high-energy gamma detection Turtos R. Npj 2d Materials and Applications, vol. UNSP 37 An alternative approach to interferogram collection and processing for a vintage Bomem DA3 Fourier transform spectrometer Guislain B. Spectroscopic investigation of praseodymium and cerium co-doped 20Al PO3 3 LiF glass for potential scintillator applications Minami Y. Journal of Non-crystalline Solids, vol. Simple ions control the elasticity of calcite gels via interparticle forces Liberto T.

Oliinyk B. Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. Pair dispersion in inhomogeneous turbulent thermal convection Liot O. Journal of Organic Chemistry, vol. Ultrasmall theranostic gadolinium-based nanoparticles improve high-grade rat glioma survival Dufort S. Journal of Clinical Neuroscience, vol. Crystal Research and Technology, vol.

Chemistry-a European Journal, vol. Mn-doping effects on structural and magnetic properties of Ge nanocrystals on insulator Aouassa M. Le tops up the drink with a pour of Peter Lehmann red wine for a fuller body taste. Ten gin base with a dash of lemonade and grapefruit. Red orange and rosemary are used as garnishes to top up the freshness.

Mẫu nhí mặc đồ diễn như người lớn là chủ đề gây tranh cãi với nhiều luồng ý kiến thời gian qua.

The end result is a mixture Quang hopes can be an invitation for guests to try out more of the creative drinks at Corked Tales. For Nguyen, the taste and feel of the ingredients he uses in the cocktail are some of the senses he remembers the best, growing up in his neighborhood as a Vietnamese child. One of his all time favorite desserts is an orange chocolate cake he tried on a recent trip to Singapore. Nguyen prepares a drink in memory of this dessert, pulling together the sweetness of the chocolate with the bitterness of Campari and Vietnamese pomelo liqueur.

The fizziness of Thomas Henry Tonic Water leaves a pleasant finish. This cocktail also uses lavender cordial, lemon mint, and garnishes of dried lavender with fresh lemon. The name of the cocktail, Oxtail, is inspired by the use of Oxley Gin. At the same time, the herbs and the splash of Thomas Henry Tonic water helps to balance the flavor. On their journeys they always drank good Dutch gin like Damrak Gin.