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Both bundles work well on Mac and PC devices. As mentioned, Microsoft reigns when it comes to office suites. And living up to this, Microsoft has released a productivity program that supports cloud-based storage, Office This version offers almost all of the features found in Microsoft Office. So, how does the two differ from each other? You will only have to pay once to have the apps installed in your desktop device.

To get the latest update, you will have to buy the new bundles. To get Office apps that are always up-to-date plus additional services, including 1 TB OneDrive cloud storage , you have to subscribe to an Office annual subscription instead. With this, you can work with all your Microsoft files anywhere you go. However, you will have to pay the subscription fees to enjoy these. It is a small price to pay for the added convenience.

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Microsoft Office offers industry-leading tools and features to help perform various tasks easily. More so, these features have gone under a lot of great changes to enhance the overall experience of its users. And while its cloud-based counterpart, Office , offers more advanced features and added convenience, this version is not to be brushed off. With Microsoft Office, you can pay once and then you are set for years to come.

I am thanks so much for this software. What do you think about Microsoft Office Do you recommend it? If the download doesn't start automatically, click here. Dreaming of an ad-free web? With Word for iOS you get substantial document creation and editing tools - as with the other iOS Office apps, you can now edit documents in the app regardless of whether you have a paid Office account. Previously, without an Office subscription, you had read-only access to docs.

Creating documents? Presuming that you only want standard text formatting, including selecting and changing a document's paragraph formatting or adding and making basic changes to tables, the free version will work perfectly for you. Using Word for iOS on the iPhone suffers from the limitations of the screen size, but Microsoft has made some tweaks to the interface to make it easier to use on the iPhone, for example, streamlining the 'Ribbon' the toolbar you're used to using in every Office application to maximise screen space while editing text.

There's also a 'Reflow' button that resizes the text, wipes away unnecessary document elements, and floats tools above the text. This allows you to focus on the text you're editing. If you work in a business environment you may find that there are some limitations. The features that require an Office subscription include some of the more in-depth layout and formatting tools, page orientation changes, additions or reductions to columns and page sections, Word Art, custom text colours, adding reflections or other image editing options, advanced table and chart editing, and change tracking.

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Note that is change tracking is already turned on for a document, any changes you make will be tracked, even if you don't have all the features of a subscription account - you just can't accept or reject changes. If you're likely to be accessing files stored in OneDrive or Dropbox for Business accounts, or on your own private Microsoft SharePoint, you'll have to have a paid account. If you sign up for a free OneDrive account you can use the app for storing and accessing documents.

Luckily Microsoft has added Dropbox integration, which means you're able to add your Dropbox account to Word and open any Word documents you have stored there. You also get the option to simultaneously edit documents with others, with files stored in OneDrive or in your Dropbox able to be opened and edited at the same time.

Read more about Word for iOS here. Once you have logged into your account you will have almost all the features that Office subscribers have. Creating, modifying, saving and printing: all worked well in the free version. There is also Dropbox support, so you don't need to use Microsoft OneDrive. One you've logged in to your Dropbox account, you will see a list of Places you can save and open things. You can then open, modify, and save any spreadsheets in DropBox. We'd like to see iCloud Drive here too.

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The features only open to Office users include: customising pivot table styles and layouts you can't create pivot tables in Excel for iOS anyway ; add custom colours to shapes; insert and edit WordArt; add shadows and reflection styles to pictures; and add or modify chart elements. You'll also get one terabyte of OneDrive storage, which can be used both in Excel and as a general cloud storage drive.

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Unless you're creating and editing graphs in Excel for iOS, you'll probably find that the free version meets your needs. There is no difference between the iPad and iPhone app - but we have to admit that using Excel on the iPad is a much better experience due to the bigger screen. If the following methods don't resolve your font issue, contact the font manufacturer or the website from which you purchased the fonts.

How to Get Microsoft Office 2018 for Free on Mac!

First, restart your computer, and then test the font again. Some installations are not complete until the computer is restarted. This also makes sure that all applications are restarted after the installation. Clear the font caches. To do this, quit all Microsoft Office applications. Restart the computer.

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Apple OS X will rebuild its font cache, and Word will rebuild its font cache from that. For best performance in Word, try to run with all your fonts enabled all the time. Each time that Word starts, it compares its font cache with the system font cache. If the two don't match, Word will regenerate its own font cache, which can take a few seconds.

If you have dynamically enabled fonts, the system font cache will appear different nearly every time that Word runs this comparison. You must do this every time you install an update, because the Microsoft installer tries to restore the disabled fonts each time. Restart the computer in Safe mode.