Layer 2 mac address routing

For example, MPLS labels such as can repeat in a network, but a public IP address can appear on the Internet in only one place at a time otherwise it is an error.

Layer 2 switching

Frames and packets contain both source and destination addresses in their headers. In general:. Note that MAC addresses are mainly organized by manufacturer and IP addresses are organized by network, which is located in a particular place. However, the MAC addresses on a vendor's interface cards can end up anywhere in the world, and often do. Consider a Juniper Networks router as a simple example. All of these interfaces share the initial 24 bits assigned to Juniper Networks.

Two might differ only in one digit from one interface to another. Yet the routers containing these MAC interfaces could be located on opposite sides of the world. An Internet backbone router only needs a table entry for every network not host in the world.

Does a typical router modify the L2 header (MAC address)? - IT Answers

Most other routers only have a portion of this full table, and a default route for forwarding packets with no entries in their table. In contrast, to perform the same role, a bridge would need one table entry for every LAN interface, on host or bridge, in the world. This is hard enough to do for Ethernets that span a metropolitan area, let alone the entire world.

Note: There are other reasons that Ethernet would be hard-pressed to become a truly global network, including the fact that MAC addresses do not often have names associated with them while IP addresses do for example, This section addresses only the address issues. All rights reserved. Navigation CLI Explorer.

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Understanding Layer 2 Forwarding Tables on Security Devices