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But people are going to draw their own conclusions. For Miller, that requires reentering the world in a major way as he releases his third major-label album and fifth overall , Swimming. The track set is a sonic head-trip drenched in synths, sultry grooves and funky hooks. I can find people that say they wish I would just rap and not sing. I can find people that say they wish I would sing and not rap.

An Ode to Faces, Mac Miller’s Magnum Opus

All that shit is confusing. You might as well just figure out yourself what you wanna do. If nothing else, he says, being out in the world and seeing those that care about him is the best prescription for putting his recent trials in perspective. Ever since he was a child growing up in Pittsburgh, the son of a photographer mother and architect father, Miller, born Malcolm James McCormick, bent the world to his will.

As he gained success, Miller did the same thing to himself, plotting out a new phase for his career after each accomplishment, making progressively more ambitious music. For his most effective albums, like Movies and Feminine, Miller tends to recede from the spotlight to focus on his music. His recent retreat from public life was no different — he spent extensive time in the studio for Swimming , going through months of false starts and dead ends before he realized he needed to create a throughline for the album, or at least a specific vibe to aim toward.

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If all I have to do at the end of the day is live with myself, I can figure that out. The following afternoon, Miller is back in L. After the listening party, he took a red-eye back west, stayed up until the early-morning hours and then, after a few hours of sleep, woke up at noon.

Polo Jeans Lyrics

It felt great. And then Frank Dukes has worked on a bunch of my records, but we had never met, so he came through too. And then Thundercat appeared and we all started jamming. I can barely take care of my dog.

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Close the menu. All this hard work just for a fucking algorithm! Even in the face of this under-shipment catastrophe, the young rapper whose birth certificate says Malcolm McCormick has very little to be unhappy about. Once you clear it, the poolside kiddie basketball hoop and scattered sprawl of bikes reveals the Blank Check fantasy of the situation.

With tattoos crawling out of his T-shirt and a dark shadow of a beard, Mac could pass for any young skate rat in America. His clique is comprised mostly of childhood friends, many of whom hail from his pre-fame rap crew, East End Empire. All parties are dressed in a manner that falls somewhere between streetwear chic and laundry day desperation. Most are lounging appropriately hard, as if doing so were the only option on earth.

Not Mac, though. Mac chain smokes menthol American Spirits and sits diligently at the flat-screen monitor in his bare feet. Mac himself began writing raps at eight. Born to a photographer mother and an architect dad, he grew up in the Point Breeze neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

By the time he hit high school, he was staying up until dawn on weeknights to write rhymes and sneaking out of the house to enter freestyle competitions at local venues like the Shadow Lounge. I was on tour three days later. The video features a particularly clean-cut Mac happily snap-ping his way through some sort of Gap commercial sock-hop scene without a hint of irony.

Similarly happy-go-lucky white kids with names like Sammy Adams and Hoodie Allen had all begun to gain traction while playfully rapping about hangovers and marathon marijuana sessions, obsessed with an endless, nonspecific party. This emerging scene was self-contained and self-sustaining, a world that curiously existed almost entirely separate from the old guard of predominately black hip-hop.

Where previous white rappers needed an in or cosign to find mainstream acceptance, frat rappers were floating in a parallel culture that was theirs and theirs alone. And while many people were crowing about artist independence in the internet era, they were making legitimate star turns without major label backing, radio play or mainstream press.

They moved so silently through social media corridors that even the hippest blogs remained mostly oblivious to their rise. Mac now paints the events that followed as a blur. That could be me.

I think I was an easily relatable person. I probably still am. But [on Watching Movies ], you hear a lot of fucking insecurity about who I am.

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This itself is not a punishable offense, but as he attempts to up his cool factor, he may need to distance himself from the first wave of fans that initially bolstered his career. His voice was thin, his flow strained. But in the modern hip-hop landscape, his core audience was too clueless or indifferent to chide him for his ineptitude.

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The end result is awkwardly charmed, the sound of his wide-eyed desire to find himself and find acceptance. Where other rappers might downplay their pop-rap past or blame it on outside influences as they mature, Mac has no qualms or regrets about that stage in his career. I was 18 and able to craft hit records at an independent level. There are no hits on Watching Movies. The production is smoky and downbeat, as is his delivery. Watching Movies is a concise and focused affair—far from a masterpiece, but also the increasingly rare high profile rap album that has no interest in being one.

With all its stoned pondering, Watching Movies perhaps feels like a more authentic college rap record than anything he made before. The space he occupies looks like a dorm room exploded onto luxury. Beanbag chairs and pillows make up most of the furniture.