Mac miller wiz khalifa keep floatin instrumental

In Pittsburgh, that never happened before. All of that was unexpected for me. It was just fun! Everything was so new for everybody, it was like… Nobody was thinking about money stuff. At the time, we were just having fun and that was probably the best part about it, honestly. I had that sample for so long. I had it chopped up for years.

Mac Miller ft. Wiz Khalifa -- Keep Floatin' guitar jam

I was messing with it in the studio that day and [Mac] heard it. I put the drums on it and then E.

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Drums, the sample, and bass. Yeah, from my perspective. He had some other people in there… I recorded 90 percent of it, too. It was pretty carefree back then for everybody. At this point, it was just go to the studio, see what happens, and have fun.

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  • I always like when that happens. It was just sitting there, and Mac found it, and Wiz said it was cool. I thought that song was never gonna come out, and then Malcolm heard it and made it into something cool. I just remember it as us going in and having fun. Yeah, exactly.

    That time period, I think we were all just kinda naive. It was still just low level. Whatever happens, happens. From being around Malcolm a lot, he was kinda like my little brother in a way with the music stuff. So we would always mess with each other. It came together from there.

    What Mac Miller And His Music Meant To Me

    Working with Mac on such an early project, did you foresee all the turns his music career would take? Did you see Macadelic and Watching Movies in him? I saw the talent. I always knew he was talented because he could always play instruments. I could definitely see the artistry in him, back then. Biggest surprise during the sessions?

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    Eric was very surprised that he could play any instrument. I think that surprised both of us because, like I said, I met him as Easy Mac. I think E. He would sit down and play anything. It was just natural to him, really. Yeah, definitely.

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    Mac miller float fest jokawaii meatartjo 2 years ago. Float Fest Hotdog Man 2 years ago. I'll have a video guide below for a quick click to any bands Tyde 14 days ago. Mac Miller - Stay slowed, reverb, bass-boosted Rudy Langenkamp 6 months ago. Self Care Float Away remix Plague therapper 2 months ago. Mac Miller's death kinda fucked me up. We love you, bro. We still haven't forgotten you and we never will. This beat is free for non-profit use only.

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    If used credit me - Prod. Pieper Beats To purchase a lease check out my beat store I do not own Mac Miller - Keep Floatin feat. Wiz Khalifa Prod. Keep Floatin feat. Slowed Slow Mobius 1 years ago. Wiz Khalifa - So High ft.

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    Tyde 6 months ago. MacMiller-Miller Style!

    Chords for Mac Miller-Desperado instrumental (produced by: ID Labs)

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