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I did change the audiomidi from 24 to 16 with no success.

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The only checkpoint you did not mention is: when playing in QT, do you have the QT volume slider below the video at the maximum position all the way to the right? I always leave it at full volume and use the amplifier to adjust level. I noticed something else odd. And in the Sound system preferences, the system volume is also greyed out.

Yes the greying out of the mac output amplifier level is normal when you send out optical bits. In that case the output amp is not active. Your case is strange though. I read something about the time coding being different. Sweet subwoofer sweep. Thank you for a great tip! I have followed your steps exactly, rebooted, and voila! Was a little impatient to try it out without setting the DVD player, and was stuck on stereo.

But after setting DVD player, it all works perfectly! Any Idea????? Thanks a lot! My amp then switches to Dolby Digital and all is fine and dandy and I have sweet 5.

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I followed your instructions. I enabled Passthrough via Terminal as well and started Quicktime. And … … I hear the same noise described above :. Using the AC3 testfile from above, I only hear a chattering voice and a loud and partly high pitched noise - but through the correct channels! BTW I tested 3 different AC3 encoded movies in avi and mkv containers as well - same result: very chattering audio. Trying the same testfile in VLC - it sounds great, clear and clean - but not in surround quality. After playing the testfile the voice is chattering front left and front right, center as well but combined with the high pitched noise.

Download and Install Instructions for AC3 8192 AUDIO DECODER For MAC Systems!!!

I have the optical hooked up and my receiver is seeing AC3. All looks good. However, when playing a DVD, the music seems to cut out every 5 seconds or so. Any ideas? VLC plays mp4 with ac-3 properly but Qtime10 will not, I get digital chatter. I do not know if I can convey the number of hours I have spent on this.

I am new to the Mac world and I am loving it. I knew it would be a multimedia marvel and it is. I had no idea it would be so cumbersome to work out the 5.

[TELUGU]How to Add Custom Codec to MX Player to Support DTS and AC3 Audio

I went initally through the Perian combination three months ago with some better results. The tip with going into DVD player really did the thing. I could never figure out why the sound output in the preferences was grayed out. Thanks again Francois, I spent scores and scores of hours on this, and you have brought the time down to a matter of moments. Now to make it all so I do not need to change anything to get each format to work, other changing settings on the AMP.

After I install Perian, does DISabling passthru mean that my laptop will now decode the AC3 signal and then send it straight out to plug-n-play 5.

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Then that would mean that if I ENable passthru, I would have to use speakers that have an included decoder like a receiver setup , right? Would these 2 cases result in the same surround sound? I just need to know what speakers I should buy now, 5. Here is how you can make VLC 0. Connect speakers as your plugs require at the back of amp. Connect your Mac. Important: on amp select 1 Dolby 5.

So, I open up Audio Midi Setup, and the setting is already at 48, I leave the setting on 2chbit…. Do you have some idea? Thank you. What version of VLC are you running on your Macbook? It took me too much time mucking around to figure out what I had done wrong!

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To remove the static noise for surround sound audio and video I used both: defaults write com. This worked great for audio playback through avi files etc; however, this did not work for Soundtrack Pro, the main reason 1 want the 5. I have been able to get Dolby sound out the Mac without problems. By using your suggestions above. I then bought this Diamond external sound card and I get the digital sound from the Mac to my 5.

How would I control the flow of data to my speakers. This is suppose to work. What am I doing wrong. I received a video movie from a postproduction company. To approve the file, I need to listen to the dolby tracks. The dolby digital works fine when I unckecked the dolby compression option. Only stereo. Still stereo.

Multichannel Output versus Pass-through

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Un codec AC3 per QuickTime

Technology b2evolution. March How to get AC-3 5.

If still not, the problem is either the cable or the mode selected on your receiver :p Now, what if you want to convert your DVDs to files on your terrabyte harddrive? This entry was posted on Mar 11 at by admin and is filed under Mac stuff. Tags: 5. Comment from: Laurie [Visitor]. Any suggestions? Comment from: admin [Member]. Comment from: Laurie Sosna [Visitor]. However, say, you need a Dolby AC3 audio Mac playback?

How to play AC3 on Mac? What would you start with? The application also allows you to set up media output parameters and offers a number of customizable options, and as you have seen it is extremely easy-to-use.

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