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Hot Corners are activated when you move the cursor into the corner of the display. If a Hot Corner is assigned for that corner, the function is activated. A sheet will drop down, displaying a thumbnail of your desktop with dropdown menus at each corner. Make your selections; you can then close the Hot Corner sheet as well as the Mission Control preference pane. If you have a multi-touch trackpad, Magic Trackpad, or Magic Mouse, you have even more options for accessing Mission Control features:. Depending on your input device, there may be additional gestures assigned to Mission Control.

You can discover the gesture assignments, as well as make changes to them, by accessing the Trackpad or Mouse preference pane.

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To manage spaces virtual desktops , open Mission control using any of the shortcuts you may have created. By default, there will be at least one space labeled Desktop.

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Move the cursor into the Spaces bar, which will cause the banner to expand from a text view to a thumbnail view. A new space will be created, named Desktop 2. Each new space you add will advance the Desktop number: Desktop 3, Desktop 4, etc. Each space you create is independent of the other spaces.

Each space can have its own set of apps open, different desktop pictures, etc. You can even have the same app open in multiple spaces. Spaces allows you to set up desktops for different workflows and switch between them.

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Once you have apps and their windows assigned to the appropriate spaces, you can exit Mission Control. There are a number of shortcuts and gestures you can use to quickly move between spaces, as well as directly access a space using Mission Control. Below are the default gestures and shortcuts you can use to access your spaces:. Your virtual desktops can be reordered to ensure the order you move through them, by swiping or using arrow keys, is the pattern you wish:. After a moment, an X will appear. Click or tap the X to remove the desktop. Any open windows or apps on the desktop you remove will be automatically moved to an adjacent desktop.

Moving beyond the basics, here are a number of helpful tips for making Mission Control even more productive:. You can assign an app to a space from the Dock.

Opening Application Menus in the Mac OS X Lion Dock

Select Options, Assign to This Desktop, from the pop-up menu. You can also choose to assign the app to all desktops or to none. Nexus Download Nexus for Windows Nexus for Android. Viber 5. ObjectDock 2. XWindows Dock 2. Mac Dock 3. MadAppLauncher 1. Angry Birds Skin Pack 32 bits 1.

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AquaSnap 1. Circle Dock 1. Various docks are also used in Linux and BSD. Bruce Tognazzini , a usability consultant who worked for Apple in the s and s before Mac OS X was developed, wrote an article in listing ten problems he saw with the Dock. This article was updated in , removing two of the original criticisms and adding a new one.

One of his concerns was that the Dock uses too much screen space. Another was that icons only show their labels when the pointer hovers over them, so similar-looking folders, files, and windows are difficult to distinguish. Tognazzini also criticized the fact that when icons are dragged out of the Dock, they vanish with no easy way to get them back; he called this behavior "object annihilation". He noted that because the Dock is centered, adding and removing icons changes the location of the other icons.

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Siracusa criticized the 3D look and reflections, the faint blue indicator for open applications, and less distinguishable files and folders. Thom Holwerda, a managing editor OSNews , stated some concerns with the Dock, including the facts that it grows in both directions, holds the Trash icon, and has no persistent labels. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved August 8, The Verge. Archived from the original on July 27, Retrieved July 28, Retrieved December 20, Ars Technica.

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