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Since the applet itself reacts to theme changes, you can listen to the signal for that and then change the style accordingly. In a broader project it probably makes sense to not only implement the Mac-style menubar, but also a Mac-like application activation model. The Mac, as opposed to Windows hence the name , separates application from visible windows. If you close the last window of an application, the application still remains active, and can be reactivated any time with alt-tab.

Implementing this properly might require some additions to the window management protocol. Focus needs to stay with the application, so that keyboard shortcuts keep working. I was wondering if I could get the wallpaper. Can you give me the link or something? I got hooked on the concept on OS X even though at first I absolutely hated it.

After few months of usage, I realized that I live the idea and the implementation. I really love this feature! We copied. When picking the first two options in KDE 3. Ivan: Yes, things could be hacked together that way in the styles knowing about the color of the panel and the menustyle used.

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But a better than nothing working interim solution KDE-only keeps from solving things correctly, no? Matthias: Yes, the part of me striving for perfect solutions agrees. Then I learned for myself the hard way that one step completed after the other makes sure at least some steps are done. Still this aspect should be hold in the view when working on a global menubar, sure, good idea.

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Lin: Somewhere on kde-look. Set it to false or remove it default is false. You can use kwriteconfig --file kdeglobals --group KDE --key macStyle --type bool false on the commandline to do so or just kwriteconfig --key macStyle --type bool false using defaults. Excellent, thank you. Good luck in the reimplementation for the amazing KDE4 series, and again — Thanks a lot for the fix!! Just try kreadconfig --file kdeglobals --group KDE --key macStyle both as user and as root and compare the output, please.

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So the only reason you gave up on your port is the color issue with the Oxygen Plasma theme? And it would make a single-click setup more difficult. So thanks for the pointers to possible solutions, but sadly they do not please me. Hopefully enough parties collaborate to get it to work.

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I hope you guys will collaborate towards realizing this very beautiful feature. Good luck and thank you! I used to be impressed by the Mac global menu bar — not least because it saves screen real estate. Having used it for a month now, I am starting to feel differently.

El Capitan Menu bar for Windows

But more than anything, I wish default Windows 10 windows management was more explicitly available in macOS. In Windows 10, you simply have to grab the title bar of any window and drag it to the edge of the display to immediately snap the app into an organized tile. It was immediately evident that Magnet was designed for using two massive inch displays side-by-side.

Let go of your mouse and Magnet quickly and easily maximizes the window to fill the tile.

How to Get macOS Mojave Features on Windows 10

Magnet supports up to six external displays, allowing you to snap windows into tiles across a vast array of screen real estate, and Magnet also adapts to vertical displays, so those who like long views of text can organize in a snap. For any power macOS user, all of these snaps and tiles need to be automated with keyboard shortcuts. Magnet has this covered in spades. The usage can be referenced above. You can also attach other fields to the element of the template and they will become properties of the constructed menu items.

Pops up this menu as a context menu in the BrowserWindow. Objects created with new Menu or returned by Menu. Note: Some events are only available on specific operating systems and are labeled as such. The Menu class is only available in the main process, but you can also use it in the render process via the remote module.

Below is an example of creating a menu dynamically in a web page render process by using the remote module, and showing it when the user right clicks the page:. Here are some notes on making your app's menu more native-like.

On macOS there are many system-defined standard menus, like the Services and Windows menus. To make your menu a standard menu, you should set your menu's role to one of the following and Electron will recognize them and make them become standard menus:. To set the action of a menu item to a standard action, you should set the role attribute of the menu item.

Magnet Brings Windows Style Window Management to macOS – The Sweet Setup

On macOS the label of the application menu's first item is always your app's name, no matter what label you set. To change it, modify your app bundle's Info. The setMenu method of browser windows can set the menu of certain browser windows. You can make use of before , after , beforeGroupContaining , afterGroupContaining and id to control how the item will be placed when building a menu with Menu.

By default, items will be inserted in the order they exist in the template unless one of the specified positioning keywords is used. Choose Your Site Language. Wikang Tagalog Tagalog.