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It was, incidentally, the first lyric I wrote with the aid of that newfangled gadget, the cassette tape recorder. I taped the band playing the arrangement and was able to score lyrics at leisure rather than scratch away hurriedly at rehearsals, waiting for particular sec- tions to come around again. Few of their songs "Box of Rain" is an exception were so fully real- ized as "UJB" before the incorporation of lyrics. I wanted to supercharge that ethos as something of ultimate value into the public consciousness.

You can swallow a song like "UJB" whole for what it evokes in you, mystery and all- -or you can track down the resources I selected while stumbling through the dark of composition, toward some kind of light, and achieve a gnostic synthesis of the song that may forever change the way you hear it. It may deepen the experience, or just explain it away. As with the language of love, the meaning of a song often lies less in what is said than in how it's said, the scan of the rhythm relative to counterweight of color and image.

And mystery has a color all its own. But there's something other than those retrievable devices that's necessary: Not a copy of anything. A represen- tative example of a genre that doesn't even exist, if it comes to that! A China Cat Sunflower. Avoidance of popular genres does not make for a commercially successful music; there's no formula for the cultural froth to fix on, but it does invite a long-term follow- ing.

With only one hit in thirty years, I'm not even sure the Grateful Dead belong in the pop music section of the record store. But it definitely found its domain in the tape machines of an army of bootleggers. Due to the setlist— free creative variety xx The compLete Annotated Grateful Dead Lqrics of the performances, there are probably more hours in private circulation, of taped Grateful Dead music than of any musical group in history.

What you lose on one side, you gain on another. I realized some time ago that I've unwittingly given myself to the world. Maybe that's why the phone call from my characters disturbed me so deeply. The keys to my cloud are out there, and almost anybody can know more about me than Fll ever know about them. I don't think that thought often; it's a bit too uncanny for comfort. Obversely, it can lead to a feeling that anybody but me has a right to interpret the meanings of the songs. Well, yes, I know exactly what every line of my work was meant to mean, its sources or lack of them, and what it's trying to prove — if not the subconscious motivations all artists keep hidden from themselves, the tinder to ignite their dreams.

So why don't I say it all for once and for good, and fatten this book up a bit? Fll say it again: The songs themselves say everything I personally want to say about them. The melodies of the unstrung harp are meant to be felt, not heard. There were other lyricists involved in the writing of the Grateful Dead canon. Had I not joined, by invitation, as lyricist in residence a year after they chose the name and nailed down the job through sheer prolixity, the band would have developed differently.

It might have been less odd and more popular, for one thing. It would likely have remained more blues- based. The passing rage of psychedelia would have happened regardless. In flipping through the draft pages of this book, I was surprised at the number of early lyrics by Garcia and by Ron "Pigpen 9 ' McKernan, songs that got an airing or two but apparently rang no bells for them. Both writers show distinct lyric promise. Their skills would have developed in pro- portion to the effort they exerted in songwriting, though both were first and foremost musicians.

Words tend to be a chore when your first love is the performing of music. Penning and chord-combing don't have the same charge. I know from personal experience that when I perform much, my writing dwindles. In my opinion, most bands could benefit from a lyricist able to devote full time to the task. Another scenario might have found the weight put on Bobby Petersen and Peter Zimels, aka Peter Monk, both literate, interested, and available.

Peter, Foreword xxi once a Zen monk, was spiritual, political, and prop- erly pissed off, lyrically articulate. Not a bad combi- nation. Bobby was a masterfully poetic outlaw and a man of vast experience, much behind bars of both sorts. Both were gifted and serious poets trying their hand at lyric.

I never considered myself a poet. I was into literature as awed by James Joyce as were my friends by Coltrane , novel-writing, and folk music. Previous to "Alligator," Id written only three songs, in , for a rock-and-roll quartet I had in high school, but they were pop- style dreck with no resources beyond the pop-culture mind of the day, just something to sing. In , I mailed to my old chum and fellow folkie Garcia three lyrics from New Mexico, extracted from songs I wrote and played at parties with some success, expecting no reply. I got the first and only letter I ever received from him, almost by return mail, asking me to come out and join the band.

As testament to what might have been, he bequeathed the band "New Potato Caboose" and "Unbroken Chain," the latter a delicately beautiful poetic evocation of sorrow and loss. His youthful poetic prowess is demonstrated in his posthumous book of poetry, Alleys of the Heart. Had circumstance allowed, his old friend Phil would probably have come more forward in the solo vocal output, though this was something Phil didn't seem particularly keen to do, not liking the sound of his own voice, which is unfortunate because, given confidence, he would have been just dandy, as his vocal on our cowritten "Box of Rain" demonstrates.

His tenor harmonies define the GD vocal blend. In different circumstances, Bob Weir's collabora- tion with his school friend John Barlow might have begun earlier. Weir himself was capable of writing a nice breezy lyric to witness "Born Cross-eyed" and his part of "The Other One" lyrics — but had no confidence in his abilities and didn't develop the talent. Invited to play jug in Mother McCrees, I just couldn't get a sound out of the damned thing and dropped out of the band scene to pursue my novel- writing.

Fate apparently had plans for me other than musicianship, or I would have made that jug ring! In the end, all those mutual folk elements got me the job of providing Garcia with the type of song he could sing with righteous authority. The others were a little worried about the folk direction, but agreeable; the band was, after all, desperate for material and, wonder of wonders, it clicked! Our albums went from the bottom of the charts to the upper reaches, consistently. Folk-biased music would never top the charts; that was for the Beatles, the Captain and Tennille, James Brown, the Monkees, and the Rolling Stones Dylan had sort of disappeared from public view at this time due to his accident , but we did pretty well.

We would have done better with a hit, three of which we had until they got banned from the airwaves by FCC warning, and two for mentioning cocaine: He'll never know what a favor he did us. We needed another decade of hard- work-just- to- survive to temper our metal.

Burnout was providentially deferred. As I see it, in my absence the Grateful Dead would have tended toward a balance between the Garcia, McKernan, Weir, and Lesh vocal and writing base, drawing moderately from outside the group for lyric material, most likely supplied by Barlow, Petersen, Zimmels, and, not inconceivably by Richard Brautigan, Lew Welch, and, Allen Ginsberg, requiring, as the band did, a dozen or more new songs a year to record. Folk-style repertoire would still have been evident, as with "Viola Lee Blues," but it would more likely have been covers than originals.

But as it actually happened, my affinity with Garcia's interest in Americana conspired to provide the band with a resource not easily laid aside. The songs fit the times and helped to define them. For several years, the Garcia- Hunter song machine dominated the proceedings, with perhaps predictable results.

McKernans presence dwindled to feature spots, and Weir began to stand uncomfortably in the Foreword xxiii big guy's increasingly solid shadow. Weir voiced a desire, in collaboration, to have my words be more textural and less central to his compositions. Lyrics that didn't call attention to themselves. Probably a rea- sonable enough request, but I wasn't prone to mini- mize my skills, nor he to be overridden in matters of his own musical inclinations. Truth is, I wrote the same for him as I did for Garcia.

It was how I wrote; I wasn't involved in a program of putting words in singers' mouths or defining their personae; I was simply expressing my own creative daemon. But it was the first indication that my little boat was shipping water and that continued clear sailing might not be in the cards. I'm often asked what it takes to become a song- writer. Either those who write the majority of memorable songs are hypocrites or this is pretty much the recipe. N o one ever said it'd be easy. You can either get a guitar, a pencil, and some paper and do it, or proceed to violate your mind and body to a certain degree to prove the worth of your salt as an artist.

You should maybe stop short of running right over a cliff, though one or two major falls do you no harm if you survive intact. Beware creative-writing programs. It is well if you have your heart broken many times and break the hearts of others through your creative self-indulgence. It's de rigueur to do a certain number of foolhardy things with a fair degree of regularity, or, if a coward by nature which is perfectly fine , you should learn to cringe at things that cannot possibly harm you and to fear where there is no reason to fear.

Above all, recognize that everything you know is a flat-out lie or only relatively true in certain restricted and unpleasant situations. Always count your chickens before theyve hatched. Compromise on the larger picture but never on details. Remember that deadlines are for dummies. Be of good cheer where others moan, and strike a glum face in the midst of merriment. Remember, you're an artist and it's your proud tradition to be difficult.

An explosion of unresolved ambition and creatively frustrating circumstances loomed over us like a cloud of dirty dishwater. Barlow didn't want to write thick air, either. Nor did he make an attempt to aid Weir in developing his own sense of direction. He rejected, as soundly as I had, Weir's tendency to wantonly rewrite the fruits of your Muse. It was good to see that road show at a distance, realizing they would both survive and even come up with some tunes that would be a credit to the repertoire.

Though less than delighted at relinquishing part of my hard-earned dominion to another, becoming Garcia's lyricist rather than lyricist to the Grateful Dead, catastrophe was averted. In hindsight, any more time spent as sovereign wordbird of the immense lyrical heights of all Deaddom might have melted the wax in my wings. Deep down, Weir made the only choice both of us could live with, and there are no hard feelings on either side. He remains my brother, but creatively we were just oil and water, "Truckin'," "Sugar Magnolia," "Jack Straw," and "Playing in the Band" notwithstanding.

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With songwriting to spare, enter Weir's vehicle Kingfish and a string of Garcia solo bands. So much music from so few. My usual prolixity unabated, I wrote more songs than I knew what to do with and began handing them out to solo projects, notably Mickey Hart's tremen- dously enjoyable house parties on record, such as Rolling Thunder. A stream of Garcia solo albums took up more of the slack.

I even began putting out records of my own: Tales of he Great Rumrunners and Tiger Rose ; thanks to Mickey, who generously provided unlimited freedom of his studio and infectious creative input. Fortunately, none of the side projects bid seriously to displace the parent project. Through one accommodation or another, we managed to keep the group going as an active entity Foreword xxv for an unheard-of three decades with only one year- long vacation from touring.

The critics of the s were not well disposed to like anything but the dynamically emerging sound of punk; whatever we created was old-school by definition.

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Despite them, and punk's rendezvous with musical history, we contin- ued to accumulate the biggest steady draw in rock-and-roll history. Because we made a solemn, spoken agreement early on that we were in this for life. Come what may. We pledged. After s Fran the Mars Hotel, more Garcia- Hunter material ended up on Jerry's solo albums than on the Grateful Dead song list, as he relin- quished compositional tasks to others. This culmi- nated in the 1 Go to Heaven album originally titled Go to Hell which contained only two of our collaborations, featuring instead the driving songs of new keyboard player Brent Mydland.

The Garcia-Hunter songwriting flower put forth its last bloom in Though only four of our songs appeared on the album In the Dark, one was our first hit single, "Touch of Grey. During the recording of In the Dark, something extremely uncharacteristic of the Grateful Dead — and deeply meaningful to me — happened. Bill Kreutzmann took me aside and said, "We love you. Don't ever leave us. Been there, done that, wrote about it. What else? Glance over the shoulder. Ever wonder what thick air in the words to a song might actually sound like? Hasn't been done yet, to my knowledge.

His significance, his appreciation is the appreciation of his relationship to the dead poets and artists. He defines the musical innovations of the Grateful Dead as blending and building upon genres of music from classical to the American songbook. And he allows that David Dodd's annotations are another way to draw our attention to the cultural heritage of the West.

We glimpse the hunting grounds of creativity through reference in literature, history, folklore, folk song, contemporary writing, Americana, biblical narrative. Where it can be done because a prior published source can be tracked down and cited, he has done it. He has not been rigorous in restricting citation to eminent tomes, for the playful influence of his web- site correspondents is evident.

He has let them in to enliven his scholarly apparatus. Who is to say that these connections, seen in some gold band or dark hollow of concert experience, are not essential? N o creative mystery has been violated in David's work, and perhaps it could not be. My own part in this story began in in a bookstore with coffee tables in Palo Alto, Keplers, where the sources, the books in the then-new paper- bound form, ranged like wizened fruit along crowded shelves.

These we devoured to the sounds of Garcia's daily practice. He sang to us- -Hunter, Petersen, Lesh, Laird, Christie, Legate, and others, some of whom later fell off the bus or are no longer with us. A growing extension of this living room has been home ever since, with ever-new family members join- ing till we are legion. The art arising from those xxvii beginnings and their maturity is now itself becoming part of the tradition, entering a new room with new players, a new world being born.

It has been my fortune to have maintained these old connections and to have been steward of the Grateful Dead's song catalog for most of the time since the founding of Ice Nine Publishing Company, in It is a rare privilege to have the opportunity to bring such a body of work to publication. To Robert Hunter, to the Grateful Dead in the immediate and largest sense, to John Barlow, Bobby Petersen, and Peter Monk, to all those with the Free Press and March Tenth who have put up with our strictures, to my loving family, and to our illustrator, Jim Carpenter, who has brought a subtle humor to the work, thank you.

I've worked on the annotations found attached to the collected lyrics in this book for more than ten years, and I'm always finding new references, resonances, and refractions. They change as I change. The shades of meaning correspond to my age, the state of the world, the context of our times. After September 1 1, , Robert Hunter, whose daughter lost a dear friend in the disaster in New York City, wrote movingly in his online journal about playing "Terrapin Station" and repeating the line "hold away despair" over and over again.

So, even for their author, these words can capture new meaning as change arises in our lives and in our world. Twenty years ago, I set out to discover who Crazy Otto was. That's all, I swear. I didn't mean to wind up annotating the entire body of lyrics. But Crazy Otto led to Billy Sunday. And then I started to wonder about the whole song, "Ramble On Rose. I submitted my annotated version of the song to Blair Jackson, hoping for publication in his magazine for Grateful Dead fans, Golden Road.

He kindly but firmly refused me. I set the project aside, but then I started to wonder about Mr. Benson, from "Candyman. And what about "China Cat Sunflower? This intrigued me. I felt that I had found a poet who acknowledged that meaning accrues as much accord- ing to individual readings, hearings, and perceptions xxix as from the authority of the author. I made notes on piles of discarded catalog cards — a handy side product of the automation of library catalogs.

I was an academic by default, in a tenure-track faculty position. I spent an ungodly number of hours putting the site together. The book you hold in your hands is the result, though perhaps not the end result. And while The Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics website may have been the first of its kind, it certainly wasn't the last, as other annotated-lyrics projects sprang up on the web, including sites for the lyrics of Van Morrison, the Beastie Boys, R. Early on, I realized that the project was not mine alone.

Over the past ten years, IVe probably averaged five emails per day from people weighing in on the lyrics in one form or another. I began to incorporate these readers' comments into the site. I started the ball rolling, and I've been running along after it ever since, trying to keep up. It's hopeless. There are many more thoughts and theories out there than I can ever hope to capture or do justice to on the website. Many of them are included in this book, and they'll contin- ue to come. I hope the margins are big enough for readers to add their own notes.

My work area at home is itself an illustration of the nature of the process of compiling this book. Two shelves of books directly relating to the Grateful Dead are supplemented by stacks of books haphazardly piled on the floor, on the computer desk, and on any other available surface, including atop the two-volume compact edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. They include an edition of Hoyles Rules of Games, a United States gazetteer, books on native plants of California, Grzimeks encyclopedia volumes relating to birds, dictionaries of phrases and allusions, quotation books, and an early edition of Hortus y the definitive reference on gardening.

Several shelves of poetry are also near at hand, and across the room, piled on top of and beside my piano, are stacks of songbooks. It is a highly untidy library, but I know where everything is. From these sources I extract most of what I need for the annotations.

It's not a neat or straightforward process. IVe also had to spend considerable time in addition to my work time as a librarian in actual libraries, and that has been a joy. There are two guiding metaphors for the project: First, if you ever went to see the Grateful Dead at xxx The compLete Annofated GratefuL Dead Lqrics Winterland, you'll remember the revolving mirrored ball hanging from the ceiling, which was turned on at high points in any given show.

It scattered light around the room but never really illuminated any- thing. That's one metaphor for the annotations: The other is more of a notion than a metaphor: What if, when you started to read some- thing, you came upon a reference or a phrase or a concept that you didn't fully understand, and before you could continue, you had to go and read up on that? And if in reading the next thing, you again came across something new and unfamiliar, and you then had to research that before proceeding?

Would you ever finish the first thing you started reading? Hypertext is like that to me. I fear for our ability to read in a sustained fashion any longer. We're dis- tractible. We jump around a lot on the Internet, and the neurological implications are probably greater than we realize. The upcoming generations may not be able to read in the way that our and earlier genera- tions think of reading. That doesn't mean they won't be gaining knowledge and adding to the incremental increase of knowledge in coming generations — it'll just be different. My intent here is to allow for an expanded experience of the lyrics of the Grateful Dead, without providing interpretation.

If there's a reference to an old folk song, I want to provide some information about that song. You should be able to track down real people mentioned in the songs. Same with places. Occasionally, I'll talk about a particular symbol, but that's bordering on interpretation, so I don't do that too much. The symbols that recur throughout the lyrics roses, trains, cats, cards. What's included? All of the original lyrics written for the Grateful Dead. A small subset of the tradi- tional tunes and covers performed by the band are also included, because they play a large part in giving context to the other songs.

I wish I could have included them all, but that would have proved impractical. Some songs are heavily annotated; some are not. I hope that the level of annotation is appro- priate to each song — some simply don't require elu- cidation. We settled, after some deliberation, on the side- note style of annotation, which is a common and respected format.

It's also the style used in one of my own favorite examples of the art of the book, in San Francisco printer John Henry Nash's edition of Dante's Divine Comedy. Working on the project with AlanTrist, the Grateful Dead's publisher, has been a privilege and a pleasure. His long experience with the catalog, and his thoughtful editing, added a missing perspective. We had definite ideas on how the book should be introduction xxxi presented, and I trust our vision comes through enough that you now hold in your hands a book for the ages.

The lyrics, of course, varied at times from performance to performance, but the versions here may be considered "standard," which means you might settle the occasional bar bet. Or not! Where brackets are found in the lyrics, we have been unable to be absolutely certain about the words, so you can fill them in yourself I don't want it to go without saying that the words of Robert Hunter, John Barlow, and all the others who wrote lyrics for the Grateful Dead are the pri- mary inspiration for this book: Thank you to all the wordsmiths.

To the Grateful Dead, thanks for bring- ing this music to us all. Elizabeth Stein and Dominick Anfuso of Free Press deserve special thanks for their almost unbe- lievable patience in working with what must have seemed at times like a herd of kitty-cats, any of whom might, at any given moment, show claws. Thank you, Sandy Choron, my agent, and her husband, Harry Choron, who designed the book.

Steve Silberman, who weighed in early and enthusiastically, gave me a big boost. Thanks to Blair Jackson, whose work permeates these pages. Thank you to Robert Weiner, my co-author and friend, who published an early version of "The Annotated 'Ramble on Rose'. Mary Minow, lawyer and librarian extraordinaire, has provided counsel regarding permissions. Also, thanks to my friend Joe Cochrane, a reference librarian's ref- erence librarian, for his careful reading of this work in draft. All errors are mine, though! The staff of San Rafael's Panama Hotel were very tolerant of our long sessions at their tables.

Diana Spaulding, my wife, you make it all worthwhile. Illustration by im Carpenter, Illustration by JimCarpenter, Illustration by Tim Truman, We first meet the Cheshire Cat in the Duchess's kitchen. She is nursing a baby: The only two creatures in the kitchen, that did not sneeze, were the cook, and a large cat, which was lying on the hearth and grinning from ear to ear. The Cat only grinned when it saw Alice. It looked good-natured, she thought: And later, "By-the-bye, what became of the baby? See "What's Become of the Baby?

The cat makes one more partial appearance, at the Queen's croquet game. She orders him beheaded, but the executioner says he can't behead the cat, since only the head is visible. Its origin is not known. The two leading theories are: Phyllis Greenacre in her psychoana- lytic study of Carroll, "as it provokes the fanta- sy that the cheesy cat may eat the rat that would eat the cheese.

Count Dracula assumes the guise of a bat and sucks the blood of unsuspecting victims, who then in turn become vampires themselves. A Fragment of a Turkish Tale: But first on earth, as vampire sent, Thy corse shall from its tomb be rent, Then ghastly haunt thy native place And suck the blood of all thy race. Studio recording: November 3, Played , then dropped from the repertoire. Released in the box set Sc Many Roads. First performance: Bob Weir described the writing of the song in an inter- view: Jerryexcused himself for a moment and went off.

He came back with a couple of verses and we put together a chorus. Mojo is magic — the ability to cast spells, probably deriving from the Gullah dialect, in which moco means "witchcraft" or "magic. Alma Egan Hyatt Foundation, A hand is a magic helper, an object or act, which aids a person in obtaining a desire. Hand has other names, among them — toby guide , shield roots , mojo , jomo transposition of syllables in mojo , and hoodoo bag. They have traditionally the fringes of Western soci- tinkers, musicians, animal I went down one day I went down to see a gypsy woman just one day, yes I did I wanna find out What's wrong with me and my baby We ain't been getting down like we used to do I mean it's pretty good now But there was a time when it didn't work out too well I went down to see this gypsy woman, you understand And I told her my story I told her what was going on And she turned to me and she said All you need All you gotta have Just a touch, that's all you gotta have Just a touch of mojo hand 2 And it feels pretty good Words and music by Ron Me Kern an The compLete Annorai ed GratefuL Dead Lyrics Notes: Anthem of the Sun July 18, First known perform- ance: November 3 , at Mother's in San Francisco.

Pigpen's improvisatory style made for many variations on the lyrics. This version is the one performed on Anthem of the Sun. From Phil Lesh's autobiography: At one point, we were standing out there, entranced by the rhythm of the wheels clickety-clacking over the welds in the rails; Billy and I looked at each other and just knew— we simultaneously burst out, "We can play this! Based on the train rhythm, it had only one chord and was played at a blistering tempo.

First documented performance: January 1, , at the Matrix in San Francisco. The only other known performance was on February 23, , at an unknown location. If I could only be less blind If only I knew what to find, Everywhere and all of the time — It's bending my mind. Confusion's prince is at my door. Released on The Golden Road box set. Sung by Lesh. Only documented performance: January 7, , at the Matrix in San Francisco.

Grateful Dead March 17, February 23, , location unknown. The song became a sta- ple of the repertoire thereafter. Rarely recorded, this white blues has long been pop- ular among old-timey music groups. Pegging an "original" version is impossible, since it dates back at least to the nineteenth century and is "folk" music in the truest sense. Garcia's portrait is included as the headlight on a train on the album cover of his solo work Reflections. Europe 72 November Played from very early days onward and usually paired with "China Cat Sunflower.

The term rider comes up often in early blues, usually to talk about a woman, but in this case the song is popularly sung from each gender's perspective. One example of a verse from a woman's point of view: The term found its way into some prison blues, almost as a code word that the guards wouldn't understand. Released on Rare Cuts and Oddities, You see a broken heart My baby's 'bout to set me free I said look, look, look at me I said what, what, what do you see I said look, look, look at me I said what, what, what do you see You see a broken heart My baby's 'bout to set me free I got tears, tears, tears in my eyes And I got pain, pain, pain in my heart I got tears, tears, tears in my eyes And I got pain, pain, pain in my heart You see a broken heart My baby s 'bout to set me free Well just a little bit softer now Well just a little bit softer now Well just a little bit louder now Wsds and nLEk: March 12, , at the Danish Center, Los Angeles.

A steady num- ber in the repertoire thereafter. A feature of this tune in concert was the drum-beat introduction and the fact that the number of beats would vary from concert to concert. The particular meaning of the number of beats is not always obvious; it often matches the day of the month.

The most beats on record is forty-two, in honor of Mickey Hart's forty-second birthday, while some versions omit the intro beats entirely. Fuller was a fixture on the Bay Area blues scene for many years, and the Dead were familiar with his records and local live performances. Born into extreme poverty in Jonesboro, Georgia, in , Fuller never really knew his natural parents. He was instead brought up by a couple who treated him "worse than a dog," until he managed to get out of the house at age nine and work as a cow grazer outside of Atlanta.

Throughout his teens, he worked for Beat iT on Down the Line n next to nothing in a lumber camp. He went west in the early twenties, taking odd jobs and singing along the way. After a stay of several years in Los Angeles he ran a hot dog stand inside the United Artists film lot and even appeared as an extra in a few films , he moved to Oakland, where he lived until he died in During those decades, he worked variously as a laborer for the Southern Pacific Railroad hence the train imagery that fills so many of his songs , a shipbuilder, and a farm laborer.

Never partic- ularly well-known, Fuller was nonetheless a fine songwriter and interpreter whose songs vividly speak of a life of hard times and hard work while still exhibiting great spirit and even humor. An interesting aspect of his talent and Weir even alludes to this before the May 5, , version of Fuller's "The Monkey and the Engineer" was that he made some of his own musical instruments, including a huge stand-up bass, called a fotdella, which he would play with his right foot in solo performances. If you wanna know where to find your spot, you don't have to ask You don't have to ask You don't have to ask You already know You already know If you wanna leave your troubles behind, you don't have to ask If you wanna go away and lose your mind, you don't have to ask If it's peace that you're looking for 1 You got the key to every door, you already know If there's a way out youTl find out and see all and be all You'll never wonder what spell you been under T o make you forget all this time If you re looking for the way, you don't have to ask You can see it plain as day, you don't have to ask Chorus Words and nusic by the GratefulDead 1 key to every door Presages the line in "Unbroken Chain": First known performance: March 25, , at Trouper's Club in Los Angeles.

The song was played a few times during , then dropped. Cream-puff dough is a near-magical melange of flour, butter, water, and eggs combined in just the right way so that it stretches, bubbles, puffs, and eventually hollows out in the oven. Steam is the only leavening. Once your puffs cool, they turn dry and brittle and can be kept at room tempera- ture until they're ready to use. You can fill them with pastry cream and sprinkle the tops with powdered sugar for the classic prepara- tion. Or you can get creative and throw in some fresh fruit, chocolate mousse, or sweet- ened cream cheese.

Here is his recipe for the basic cream puff, which he characterizes as one of the "classic recipes on which our traditions are based. Place water and butter in saucepan. Heat over medium flame until water boils and butter is completely melted. Mix the flour and No, no, she can't: Stir until the dough forms a ball in the center of the pan. Remove from heat. Let stand 5 minutes. Add one egg and beat with electric beaters set on medium speed until smooth and glossy, about 1 minute.

Add the other eggs, one at a time, beating until just blended. Avoid overbeating the dough. If desired, place in a pastry bag fitted with a large, plain tip. Drop by heaping tablespoonfuls or pipe onto ungreased baking sheet, about 2 inches apart. Bake 40 minutes or until there are no beads of moisture on puffs.

Cut off tops, fill as desired. Grateful Dead March 1 7, May 19, , at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco. It was dropped from the repertoire after March When the rooster crows at night, He tells you that a rain's in sight. Cockcrow before two in the morning Of two days wet it is a warning. One other performance exists on tape. Yes Lord, please stop her I wont get drunk no more Whoa Lord, please stop her now I want to tell you that I wont get drunk no more Well you know she put me out m the morning She drive this poor boy from her door [The studio version differed substantively: As a company town, it was wild and wide open with whiskey, women, and gambling.

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    Breaking the Rules You're killing me You'll stra 34 4. Dead Friends Who is your best friend? The only o 35 5. World So Cold Hey talking to you Take it from me 36 6. Blood Is Thicker than Water Our blood is thicker 39 9. I'm Not the Enemy Get a life get a job get it ri 40 My Bullet I'm writing the words that can never 42 4. Last Day feat. Bag It Up Feat. Ain t No Problems Feat. Kidding Me plug going out like Nino Brown They say the nigga that robbed you is in the trap right now I bet I'd pull 48 1.

    Shake Something ough Multo caliente Nino and my base hoes Die by the cash load die for my change low Racks on racks all s 49 Move That Dope ng around feel like nino I turn guns like a Special for The Republic. April 15, Lee Ermey, an actor best-remembered for his portrayal of an intimidating drill instructor in 's "Full Metal Jacket," has died.

    A real-life Marine Corps veteran, Ermey often played hard-edged characters, including in the horror remakes "Willard" and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Outdoor Channel. April 2, Susan Anspach, a leading lady on the big screen in the s, has died. Anspach, a lovely blonde actress who could do both comedy and drama, enjoyed a breakthrough in 's "Five Easy Pieces" with Jack Nicholson.

    Her son, Caleb Goddard, announced her death, saying she had a heart ailment. April 1, Steven Bochco, a producer who developed and created a number of influential TV programs, has died. In the s, Bochco was a king in the world of network TV: He created the acclaimed drama "Hill Street Blues," as well as "L. Law" and the series "Doogie Howser, M.

    Bochco was diagnosed with leukemia in and received a stem-cell transplant. He "died peacefully in his sleep with his friends and family close by," said a statement issued by his representative. Bochco was March 12, Craig Mack, a rapper best known for the hit "Flava in Ya Ear," has died. The accompanying album, "Project Funk da World," went gold. March 14, Stephen Hawking, one of the world's foremost theoretical physicists, has died. Hawking was best known as the author of "A Brief History of Time," the best-selling book that first brought modern astrophysics into popular understanding for many.

    March 11, Ken Dodd, a British comedian who enjoyed his greatest fame in the '60s and '70s, has died. Dodd was knighted last year, becoming Sir Ken Dodd. He gave his final performance in December in his native Liverpool. March 4, Russ Solomon, the founder of Tower Records, has died at age The global chain revolutionized the record-selling industry; the company's rise and eventual fall was documented in the film "All Things Must Pass. The cause of death was a heart attack, his son, Michael Solomon, told the Sacramento Bee.

    Billy Graham, the world's best-known evangelist, has died at age During his career, he met with 12 presidents, appeared on TV with Larry King and Woody Allen and organized crusades that drew millions of people.

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    All that earned him the unofficial title of "America's pastor. Sridevi, a leading lady in Bollywood cinema during the '80s and '90s, has died at age India," "Mom," "Chaalbaaz" and "Chandni. Her death was confirmed by her brother-in-law, actor Sanjay Kapoor. Marty Allen, a comedian who was a staple on TV for decades, has died. They appeared 44 times on "The Ed Sullivan Show.

    Allen was Karon Blackwell. Nanette Fabray, an effervescent star of film, TV and the stage, has died at age Fabray, who worked the Vaudeville circuit as a child, won a Tony for best actress in for the musical "Mr. Moving to television, she earned three Emmy Awards starring on "Caesar's Hour. Fabray died at her home in Los Angeles, her son, Dr. Jamie MacDougall, told the Associated Press. He said the cause was old age. Vic Damone, the stylish, eternally dapper crooner who velvet-lined vocals made him a favorite of audiences for decades, has died.

    The vocalist launched his career in and scored hits through the '60s, including his signature tune, "On the Street Where You Live" Damone was preceded in death by his son, Perry Damone, a popular radio personality in the Phoenix area. Martin's Press. Daryle Singletary, a traditional country singer who enjoyed great success in the mid '90s, has died. Singletary's self-titled debut album, released in , spun off two major hits: Later hits include "Amen Kind of Love" No.

    Singletary's radio success tapered off by the turn of the century, but he continued recording and touring: Singletary was 46 and died at his home in Lebanon, Tenn. The cause of death is unknown. Wesla Whitfield, an opera singer-turned cabaret star, has died at age Whitfield sang with the San Francisco Opera chorus in the '70s before turning to the great American songbook. She was especially popular with New York cabaret audiences, performing in both Manhattan eateries and Carnegie Hall.

    She released more than 20 albums; the latest, "The Best Things in Life," appeared in John Mahoney, a veteran character actor who became a household face as part of the ensemble on TV's long-running "Frasier," has died. Mahoney was born in England and moved to the United States as a young man, becoming a citizen at age He didn't become a professional actor until his 40s. He racked up an impressive number of credits on the big screen, including "Suspect" and "Moonstruck" both , "Say Anything Mahoney was 77; a cause of death has not been released, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    Mahoney lived in Oak Park, Ill. LaBelle finished 12th on the TV talent competition in Louis Zorich, an actor and longtime husband of actress Olympia Dukakis, has died. Salling's lawyer, Michael Proctor, confirmed his death but did not reveal the cause. Salling was scheduled to be sentenced in early March under a plea agreement he reached with federal prosecutors in October, in which he admitted he possessed pornographic images of prepubescent children. In addition to his work on the popular Fox show, Salling released an album, "Pipe Dreams," in Tommaso Boddi, Getty Images for Tinder.

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    Lari White, a country-music hitmaker in the '90s, has died at age The singer had been diagnosed with advanced peritoneal cancer in September Last week, she entered hospice. She scored three Top 10 hits in Survivors include her husband, Chuck Cannon; and three children. Trumpeter Hugh Masekela has died at age 78 after a decade-long fight with cancer.

    Dorothy Malone, an Oscar-winning actress who later found success starring on the nighttime soap "Peyton Place," has died. The actress first appeared on screen in the s. A contract player at Warner Bros. Later freed from Warner Bros. Marlene VerPlanck, a gifted jazz and pop singer who released more than 20 albums, has died. The vocalist got her start as a big-band singer, preforming with the orchestras of the Dorsey Brothers and Tex Beneke.

    She met her husband, arranger Billy VerPlanck, in this era; the two were married from until his death in She had a long and successful association with jazz label Audiophile Records; the company issued several albums by her, including 's "The Mood I'm In. She was a favorite of critics: Her official website first reported her death.

    Edwin Hawkins, a gospel star best known for the crossover hit "Oh Happy Day," has died at age Hawkins died at his home in Pleasanton, Calif. The Cranberries became international stars in the '90s; the album "No Need to Argue" sold more than 7 million copies in the United States. O'Riordan was She appeared on the program from ; during her time with Disney, she also starred in the studio's big-screen "Westward Ho, the Wagons! Tracey died from pneumonia at a hospital in Thousand Oaks, Calif. Ray Thomas, one of the founding member of the British art-rock band the Moody Blues, has died.

    No cause of death was given, but Thomas disclosed in that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Thomas was The actor died at a ranch Hot Spring County, Ark. A cause of death was not released. Rose Marie, whose career spanned from vaudeville to the Twitter era, has died at age The entertainer initially gained fame as a child singer, with her own coast-to-coast radio program. This year, she was the subject of "Wait for Your Laugh," a documentary that looked at "the longest career in showbiz history.

    Darlanne Fluegel, a model and actress who enjoyed a high-profile period in the '80s, has died. She died Dec. Keely Smith, a swinging vocalist who won a Grammy as part of a successful duo with her husband, Louis Prima, has died. Prima and Smith became one of the top nightclub acts in the country with a ribald show that emphasized his outgoing wackiness and her deadpan reactions. The marriage ended in , and Smith continued to record and perform as a solo artist.

    She released more than 20 albums on such labels as Capitol, Reprise, Dot and, most recently, Concord Records. Smith was 89; her publicist told Variety that she suffered from heart failure. The group announced the death of the year-old musician on their website. Please keep Pat in your thoughts and prayers," the statement reads. DiNizio was sidelined by health issues in recent years; a pair of falls caused serious nerve damage, according to Variety.

    No cause of death was released. Johnny Hallyday, one of the biggest singing stars France ever produced, has died. However, his career never faded, with the performer remaining a chart presence and major concert draw throughout his life. He also gained acclaim as a serious actor, starring recently in such films as "The Man on the Train" and "Vengeance" A turbulent personal life brought him great notoriety, including a tempestuous marriage to actress Sylvie Vartan and two suicide attempts. Survivors include his wife, Laeticia; and four children, including entertainer David Hallyday.

    Nabors introduced the naive character on "The Andy Griffith Show. In addition to his TV career, he was a successful recording artist, releasing several albums on Columbia Records between and He sang easy-listening pop favorites in a deep, operatic baritone that was miles away from Pyle's goofy image. He lived in Hawaii for more than 30 years, according to the Hollywood Reporter, who reported news of the death.

    Jack Bannon, an actor who spent five seasons playing an assistant city editor on the newsroom drama "Lou Grant," has died. Elsewhere," "Falcon Crest" and "Knots Landing. She survives Bannon, who was His death first was reported by the Spokesman-Review in Idaho. Fats Domino, one of the pioneers of rock and roll, has died at age Doug Parker, AP. Robert Guillaume, an actor who found great success on stage and on television, has died. He also earned a Tony nomination for his role in a revival of "Guys and Dolls" and lent his voice to Rafiki in Disney's animated classic "The Lion King.

    Frederick M. Roy Dotrice, an award-winning actor with a screen career that dates back to the '50s, has died. Most recently, he appeared in two episodes of "Game of Thrones. She made guest appearances on such programs as "Room ," "Nanny and the Professor" and "Emergency! Jean Rochefort, a major star in French cinema for more than five decades, has died. - Song Lyrics

    Skilled in both comedy and drama, the mustachioed star made his film debut in 's "Meeting in Paris. Among his best-known films in the United States: Cohen Media Group. His success in on the series led to a spike in popularity, with the comic emerging as one of the top draws on the stand-up circuit.

    He hosted six specials — four on Comedy Central and two on Netflix. May, who was 45, died of cardiac arrest, his publicist confirmed to Variety. Petty, along with his band the Heartbreakers, played their final show last week at the Hollywood Bowl. It was the conclusion of the band's 40th anniversary tour.

    Monty Hall, the original host of the television game show "Let's Make a Deal," has died of heart failure. Hall died of heart failure, according to the New York Times. Playboy founder Hugh Hefner died at age 91 on Sept. He died of natural causes at his home in Los Angeles surrounded by family. Getty Images. Bernie Casey, a former pro football player who went on to a successful acting career, has died. Casey played wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams before returning to Bowling Green State University to get a master's degree in fine arts.

    He then made his film debut in "Guns of the Magnificent Seven" Casey died after a brief illness, his talent agent told the Associated Press. Alberto E. Liz Dawn, a British actress who starred on the U. The actress appeared on the show as tart-tongued Vera Duckworth from to The actress was diagnosed with emphysema in the early s, and Vera was written out of the show in , dying in her sleep.

    According to the Associated Press, she is is survived by her husband Don Ibbetson; four children; six grandchildren;and three great-grandchildren. Booth also had a film career with roles in such movies as "Corruption" and "Brannigan" Booth was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in Don Williams, country music's "gentle giant," has died at age With a soft-spoken, plaintive style, the singer-songwriter was a major force on the '70s and '80s country scene, putting 17 songs in the No. He died after a short illness, according to Billboard. Troy Gentry, half of the country duo Montgomery Gentry, has died in a helicopter crash.

    The news was reported through the band's Twitter account. The crash occurred in Medford, N. Shelley Berman, a comic whose acerbic take on modern life made him a top stand-up comedian in the late '50s and early '60s, has died. His biting routines helped redefine comedy; along with the likes of Lenny Bruce and Mort Sahl, he helped add a contemporary sophistication to the medium.

    Beyond his comedy career, he also appeared on Broadway and in films and television. A younger generation knows him for playing the father of Larry David's character on "Curb Your Enthusiasm. David Livingston, Getty Images.

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    Actor Richard Anderson, who simultaneously appeared on two prime-time hits in the s, has died. Anderson, a tall, handsome actor with a dignified air, played Oscar Goldman on both "The Six Million Dollar Man" and "The Bionic Woman" , making him one of the era's most ubiquitous faces. August 20, Jerry Lewis, legendary comedic who teamed with Dean Martin in the s, died at his home in Las Vegas. Andrew H. Jay Thomas, a comedic actor best known for his work on such '80s era sitcoms as "Cheers" and "Murphy Brown," has died. He was also a favorite guest of David Letterman, appearing on the host's show during the Christmas season from to Thomas, who was suffering from cancer, was Dick Gregory, a comedic legend and civil rights activist, was one of the first black comedians to find success with white audiences in the early s.

    With humble backgrounds of an impoverished childhood in St. Louis, Gregory became a celebrated satirist. Joseph Bologna, an actor, writer and director who earned an Oscar nomination in a durable career, has died at age As a performer, the handsome Bologna often projected a tough New York edge he was born in Brooklyn. The Meltdown" Bologna had been fighting pancreatic cancer.

    Taylor survives him. Other shows included revivals of "Carousel" and "The King and I" ," plus straight acting roles in "Any Wednesday" and "Little Murders" Later, she had a career rebirth as cabaret singer, playing Manhattan's toniest nightspots and recording an acclaimed series of albums. In , she was a Kennedy Center honoree. She announced her retirement this year. The singer, who lived in the Phoenix area for more than 22 years, had been suffering from Alzheimer's disease for several years. Campbell's death was announced by his family through his official website. Hardin's character, Bronco Layne, also appeared on the programs "Cheyenne" and "Sugarfoot.

    He later settled in Prescott and formed an anti-government group that evolved into the Arizona Patriots militia movement. Hardin died in Huntington Beach, Calif. July 25, Hywel Bennett, a British actor who first came to public attention in the '60s playing wide-eyed young men, has died at age Robert Hardy, a veteran British stage and screen actor who played Cornelius Fudge in the "Harry Potter" movies, has died.

    Hardy was July 31, Actor and playwright Sam Shepard has died from complications from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig's disease, his family announced on Monday. Shepard was Jakub Mosur. Jeanne Moreau, one of France's most acclaimed actresses, has died at age She was considered the first lady of the French new wave film movement, largely thanks to her role in "Jules and Jim" Moreau was also known for a colorful personal life, which included a marriage to director William Friedkin and relationships with directors Louis Malle and Francois Truffaut, trumpeter Miles Davis and designer Pierre Cardin.

    Michael Johnson, a vocalist who enjoyed major success on both the pop and country charts, has died. Johnson, born in Colorado, gained national attention when his mellow ballad "Bluer Than Blue" reached the pop top 20, as well as topping the adult-contemporary charts. After his pop success waned, he turned to country music. Johnson died at home in Minneapolis after a lengthy illness, according to Rolling Stone. Atlantic Records. July 26, Barbara Sinatra, a philanthropist and widow of Frank Sinatra, has died. The two were married until his death in Barbara Sinatra was July 22, Jim Vance, a prominent news anchor in the nation's capital, has died.

    Vance told viewers earlier this year that he was undergoing treatment for cancer. July 16, George A. Romero, the director who launched the modern zombie film genre with 's "Night of the Living Dead," has died. Romero made films outside of the zombie realm, including "Martin" , "Creepshow" and "Monkey Shines" , but he was best known for the "Living Dead" series of films, which include "Dawn of the Dead" , "Day of the Dead" and "Land of the Dead" He died after a battle with lung cancer, according to Variety.

    July 21, John Heard, a gifted character actor who worked for more than four decades in TV and film, has died at age Although best-known for his role as a absent-minded dad in the "Home Alone" films, he earned critical acclaim for his work in "Chilly Scenes of Winter," "Cutter's Way" and "Cat People. July Chester Bennington, the Phoenix native who rose to fame as the leader of Linkin Park, has committed suicide.

    The musician was found dead at about 9 a. Thursday, July Bennington hanged himself, according to the Los Angeles Times. Though best-known for his work in Swedish-language films, Nyqvist branched out to English-language projects, playing dastardly European villains in such films as "Mission: Nyqvist was battling cancer, according to the Hollywood Reporter. June 15, Bill Dana, a nightclub comic whose character Jose Jimenez became a national sensation, has died. Dana worked as head writer on "The Steve Allen Plymouth Show," which is where he introduced the Jimenez character in Dana was honored by the National Hispanic Media Coalition for the character, who was seen as a positive role model although Dana was not of Hispanic descent.

    He retired the character but continued to perform, appearing on "St. Elsewhere" and "The Golden Girls. July 15, Martin Landau, an Oscar-winning actor whose career dates back to the '50, has died. June 16, Stephen Furst, a comedic actor best known as innocent Flounder in "Animal House," has died. The cherubic-faced actor later starred in such films as "Midnight Madness" and "Scavenger Hunt," and appeared in the popular '80s medical drama "St.

    Elsewhere" as Dr. According to the Hollywood Reporter, he died of complications from diabetes. Furst was Universal Pictures. The actor died of complications from heart failure, according to USA Today. He also had regular roles on "Elementary" and "The Inside. June 13, Anita Pallenberg, an actress and model who became a symbol of the quintessential '60s groupie, has died. Pallenberg's film work includes "Candy" , "Barbarella" and "Performance" , but she is better known for her connections to the Rolling Stones.

    She initially was involved with Brian Jones of the band, then later Keith Richards, whom she was partnered with until She is also credited with singing background vocals on the band's "Sympathy for the Devil. Warner Bros. June 9, The program only ran from to but made West a star.

    It also typecast the actor, who found it difficult to break away from the "Batman" image. A big-screen leading lady in the '80s and '90s, she also found work on the small screen, appearing in "Lonesome Dove" and "ER. She was 62; no cause of death was released. June 4, Roger Smith, a handsome TV star who abandoned acting to guide the career of his wife, Ann-Margret, has died. Smith, a contract player for Warner Bros. Smith married actress and singer Ann-Margret in , and stopped performing to manage her career. In , Smith was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis; he battled the disease throughout the years.

    Smith was 84; Ann-Margret survives him. May 30, Verdugo's long career includes roles in the horror film "House of Frankenstein" and 's "Cyrano de Bergerac" with Jose Ferrer. The show ran from to , and was the top-rated series the for the season. Verdugo died in Los Angeles, according to the Hollywood Reporter. May 27, Gregg Allman, seen in , died at age 69 in Savannah, Ga. Allman's work with the Allman Brothers Band set the stage for Southern rock, jam bands and influenced several generations of players. AP file photo. May 24, Jared Martin, a handsome actor who was a constant presence on '70s TV, has died.

    May 17, Chris Cornell, a dynamic leader of the '90s grunge scene, has died at age The Soundgarden singer was found on the bathroom floor of his hotel room following a concert in Detroit. Police are investigating the death as a possible suicide. May 23, Roger Moore, a debonair leading man who played James Bond in more films than anyone else, has died at age Post-Bond, he often sent up his image in films like "Spice World" In , he was knighted; in ,, he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    Moore was suffering from cancer, according to a statement from his family. May 22, Dina Merrill, a sophisticated blonde actress with a long film and TV career, has died at Merrill, whose best -known films include "Operation Petticoat" , "Butterfield 8" and "The Courtship of Eddie's Father" , often played women of privilege; it came naturally to the actress, who was the daughter of broker E.

    Hutton and cereal heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post. Merrill also appeared on Broadway and worked on TV through the early s. She is survived by her husband, actor and and investment banker Ted Hartley; she previously was married to actor Cliff Robertson from Nancy Ostertag, Getty Images. Powers Boothe, an Emmy-winning actor who moved between and film, has died at age The Story of Jim Jones. Jimmy LaFave, an Austin-based singer-songwriter who achieved great popularity on the Americana circuit, has died after a battle with cancer.

    LaFave was diagnosed with the disease in but didn't announce his condition until this year. On May 19, he appeared onstage in a wheelchair at an Austin concert held in his honor. He introduced his year-old son to the audience and said, "Take care of him for me, please. I love him so very, very much," according to newspaper the Mirror. In an interview in April with the Houston Chronicle, LaFave said doctors had found between 15 and 20 tumors in his chest.

    April 22, Erin Moran, who spent her adolescence playing Joanie on the top-rated '70s sitcom 'Happy Days," has died. The former child star was found unresponsive by authorities on Saturday in Indiana, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Moran was 13 when she began playing the role in ; she was still on the series when it ended in In between, she starred in a spin-off, "Joanie Loves Chachi," in which she co-starred with Scott Baio. Her acting career sputtered once "Happy Days" ended, though she occasionally appeared on reality programs such as "Scott Baio is And Single" and "Celebrity Fit Club.

    May 10, Michael Parks, a '60s heartthrob who later re-emerged as a successful character actor and Quentin Tarantino favorite, has died. Parks was a familiar presence on TV in the '70s and '80s, but a rebirth began to occur in the next century, as he transitioned into a somewhat grizzled character actor with roles in Tarantino's "Django Unchained," "Grindhouse" and "Kill Bill" franchise. A cause of death has not been disclosed, according to the Hollywood Reporter. April 26, The thriller starring Jodie Foster became the third film in history to win Academy Awards in all the top five categories picture, actor, actress, director and screenplay.

    Demme, 73, died from complications due to heart disease and esophageal cancer, according to Rolling Stone. April 12, Murphy's publicist told the Hollywood Reporter that Murphy died from leukemia. April 20, Cuba Gooding Sr. According to the Associated Press, the cause of death is under investigation, but drug paraphernalia and alcohol were found in the parked car. April 11, Dorothy Mengering, who charmed viewers appearing with her son, David Letterman, on his late-night TV program, has died.

    A former church secretary, she would deliver Top 10 lists from her Indiana kitchen and challenge the host to guess what pies she had baked for Thanksgiving. Mengering, who died in Carmel, Ind. John Warren Geils Jr. Geils, has died at age Geils was a vocalist and guitarist for The J. Geils Band, which he formed in Worcester, Mass. The group disbanded in but reunited in Geils was found dead in his Groton, Mass.

    April 7, Pigott-Smith was already a veteran of stage and screen when he came to international attention as a sadistic police officer in British-controlled India in the s miniseries "The Jewel in the Crown.