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On a Ready to buy an iMac with standard display? The Retina iMac is designed for professionals who work with high-resolution videos, photos, or images. Apple calls its two These iMacs have a x resolution screen. Apple offers three models of the inch Retina iMac. Users can upgrade the RAM on the inch iMac easily. The machine has four RAM slots, accessible through the back. When it comes to multi-core speed, the Mac Pros are faster machines, but the iMacs with 6-core processors have closed the gap.

You can improve the multi-core performance by opting for the 3.

Which Apple Desktop to Buy? Mac Mini vs iMac vs Mac Pro

You may not love the way the price looks, however. Ready to buy an iMac with Retina display? The iMac Pro is an all-in-one computer like the iMac, but it contains workstation-class components for handling heavy-duty, complex computations. This is the computer for people who with the most demanding tasks. The processors are available with 8, 10, 14, or 18 cores. You can configure it to 64GB or GB. The iMac Pro comes in an aluminum space gray case.

It also has matching space gray Magic Keyboard with a numeric keypad and Magic Mouse 2.

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Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are included for wireless connectivity. The machine is a multi-processing beast, designed to work with pro-level apps that demand multiple processing cores.

First Mac mini 2018 benchmarks suggest Mac Pro speeds, unlike MacBook Air

Apple has issued different configurations of the iMac Pro to select users, including mechanical and aerospace engineer Craig A. In our review of the iMac Pro , we confirmed that the new Mac is at its best with software that can take advantage of processors with multiple cores. Ready to buy an iMac Pro? Models currently for sale were originally released December Apple has revealed an update to the Mac Pro that will be released later this year. The Mac Pro is ideal for professionals who work with applications that use as many processing cores as possible—video-editing applications, image-editing software, 3D programs, and the like.

Which Mac should you buy?

Both models include GB of flash storage. The Mac Pro offers buyers some appealing build-to-order options. The new Mac Pro relies on its six external Thunderbolt 2 ports for add-ons. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth come built-in on the new Mac Pro. Audio professionals should know that the Mac Pro has a combined optical digital audio input and analog output minijack.

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And our first set of tests reflects that. If you use applications that can take advantage of as many processing cores as are available, then the Mac Pro really shines. Try to hold out for the next Mac Pro, or consider an iMac Pro.

Ready to buy a Mac Pro? Roman has covered technology since the early s. Then once you're done with the big screen, you still have your mobile powerhouse machine and all your files.

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However, there are some benefits to buying a Mac desktop. The Mac mini, for example, is Apple's cheapest Mac despite having some pretty impressive specs. And if you are looking for the most power for the lowest price then the iMac will generally beat the MacBook Pro. One Mac that's easy to take off your shopping list is the iMac Pro.

It is a more powerful and more expensive machine than the average student will need. Unless you really are involved in some heavy number crunching or professional-level video editing, you won't need the sort of power it can provide. In a field like 3D animation you maybe enticed by a high-end 15in MacBook Pro or 27in iMac if portability isn't important to you.

But in the vast majority of cases you can confidently opt for a cheaper model. The new Mac Pro is absolutely overkill any student tasks - although it's possible a few specialist universities might invest in a few. We compare the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro in detail here , but from the perspective of a student, here's what you'll want to keep in mind:. The 1. There are two versions of the 1. Is the extra GB of storage worth the extra money? We don't think so. We'd recommend buying a separate hard drive for storing files on if you need the extra space, or paying for iCloud storage here's how much iCloud storage costs.

This is the only port you will find on any new Mac laptop. If you want the older USB-A ports you would have to consider a second-hand Mac laptop, or a desktop Mac, get an adaptor , or just get rid of your old mouse and keyboard and invest in wireless. There are four Thunderbolt 3 ports on the two 13in 2. Of course there are many more differences between those machines, and you could simply buy a multi-port dock if you really needed the extra ports here's our round up of the best USB C docks. If you need a higher speced machine then you may want to consider the 2.

The MacBook Air might look somewhat low-powered in comparison to the MacBook Pro, but if you're looking for a MacBook that doesn't break the bank and offers the ultimate in portability and great battery life, then the MacBook Air might be the perfect fit. This MacBook Air is a far better laptop than the outdated model that was on sale previously.

The old MacBook Air model, which you may still find on sale, is much older than you might realise - the processor dates back to It might be powerful enough for you but it won't stand the test of time so we wouldn't recommend buying one unless you find a really amazing deal. The new MacBook Air has a 13in screen and a 1. More than adequate for the needs of a student, especially those who are predominantly writing essays and conducting research.

Here's the spec:. If you have a big iTunes library, for example, pay for iTunes Match so you can keep your music in the cloud. If you have a big photo library turn on iCloud Photos and subscribe for additional iCloud Storage. One key difference between the pre and post MacBook Air is that the newer model gained a high-res Retina display. The MacBook Pro has had a Retina display for many years.

Battery life of the MacBook Air is the best offered by any Mac at 12 to 13 hours, depending on what you are doing. The MacBook Pro only claims 10 hours so this is a definite benefit of the Air if you are likely to be spending long days on campus without your power adaptor.

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The gap is a lot closer than it was in the past, but the Air's wedge-shaped design allows Apple to shave a decent amount of weight off the MacBook Air, so, while both the Pro and Air measure Read our MacBook Air review. You may have heard about issues with the butterfly keyboard. This keyboard is present on all MacBooks currently, although Apple has made a few tweaks to it to try and avoid the issues that have been reported.

Essentially the problems are related to dust and debris getting trapped under a key. This is unlikely to happen to you unless you happen to be using your laptop in particularly dirty and dusty conditions, or maybe on the beach. Should this happen Apple will replace the whole keyboard for you free of charge. The MacBook Air isn't quite as powerful as the MacBook Pro but it has plenty of benefits: better battery life and the fact that it is lighter if you are going to be carrying it around a lot. We'll mention this briefly because, although Apple no longer sells it, you may still be able to buy a MacBook.

There wasn't much else going for it though. However, if you find a good deal you may be wondering whether to invest.

The base model Apple was selling before July offered a dual-core 1. That spec is far below that of the post MacBook Air, let alone the MacBook Pro, and given the fact that the price was high it really didn't make a lot of sense to buy one. Read our MacBook review. While we appreciate that there are plenty of benefits associated with choosing a laptop for university, you may be better off with a desktop. As we have already ruled out the Mac Pro and iMac Pro as over powered, you have the choice of the Mac mini or the iMac. The iMac might be one for consideration for a student - but it's a non-portable Mac, which might deter many students from purchasing one.

You won't be able to take it with you to lectures - or cart it home on a train for the holidays - but you will be able to work more efficiently through its bigger You'll also get faster memory and a gorgeous 4K display. There is one iMac that Apple hasn't updated for a number of years though. It doesn't even have a Retina display!