Reformat mac pro hard drive

How to wipe your Mac and reset it to factory settings

Go to the Erase tab at the top of the window. References 1 Apple Support: About the Author Bennett Gavrish is an I. Accessed 18 February Gavrish, Bennett. How to Reformat a MacBook.

Pictures of the kids somewhere safe? Then you may proceed. Click on Disk Utility then Continue first of all to get your Mac's hard drive wiped.

Select Erase and then confirm your choice. Follow the instructions that appear on screen, license agreements and all, and choose the hard drive to use in most cases it'll be the only one available. Along the way you can sign in with your Apple credentials to get your apps and iCloud links back again.

How to Reformat a MacBook

You're going to be looking at about an hour's worth of reinstalling time but after that you're good to go and ready to enjoy your good-as-new Mac OS X experience. You might find that some of those apps and shortcuts you had installed weren't actually that useful after all. Open adampash.

If you never installed macOS Sierra 10.12.4

FileVault plays an important role on your Mac. It encrypts the data on your hard drive to prevent the unauthorized access to the information on your startup disk. Sign out of iCloud to make sure that any remnants of the cloud data, such as bookmarks, notes, reminders, etc.

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Before you restore Mac to factory settings, be sure to sign out of iMessage. To ensure that all information is cleared from the Touch Bar, you need to erase its data.

How to wipe MacBook Pro without losing data

Follow these steps:. The following steps will tell you how to restore Mac to factory settings. This is pretty simple.

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Go to the Apple menu in the top left corner of your screen and choose Restart. When the process is complete, go the Disk Utility menu in the top left corner of your screen and select Quit Disk Utility. However, if you are not going to keep your Mac, it would be better to quit the process and let the new owner enter all necessary information.

Simply hold down the Command and Q keys and then choose Shut Down to turn the Mac off but leave it waiting for a new user.