Restaurar mac os x 10.7.4

Oct 14, 1: Oct 14, 2: Safari no me arranca en mac os x Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Se podria reinstalar el safari en mac os x lion Detalles del Problema y configuracion del Sistema. Safari [] Path: Safari Version: X Native Parent Process: Mac OS X Dispatch queue: WebCore 0xfb20e8b WebCore:: WebCore 0xfb1e9a4 WebCore:: QuartzCore 0xfff85dd7df5 CA:: Safari 5.

JavaScriptCore - WebKit - WebKit2 - WebCore - ColorSync 4.

Mac OS X v10.7

ScalableUserInterface 1. Accelerate 1. DiskArbitration 2. CoreAudio 4. ATS DictionaryServices 1. NetAuth 3. CoreServicesInternal CommerceCore 1. You will get an email containing a redemption code that you then use at the Mac App Store to download Lion. Save a copy of that installer to your Downloads folder because the installer deletes itself at the end of the installation.

Nov 20, 3: Sep 26, 7: I would like to know how I can update my older PowerBook G4 since all the information that I seem to run across is for Intel chips. Here is the configuration for my computer. Feb 16, 3: Feb 17, 9: MacBook 4,1 is an example of what you are looking for.

Knowing that, you can then figure out the age of the computer and the series it is according to Apple. Is an excellent guide by Machine ID that will tell you which model and vintage you actually have, before you go and buy the battery. Memory on computers come in primarily two different sources. Hard drives, and Physical RAM. Hard drives on Mac notebooks labelled MacBook all support at minimum a 2. Once Apple shifted to the unibody model, they supported But since the Unibody didn't come out until , and Getting an older hard drive that supports the 1.

Physical RAM, once you know your vintage, you can get either from http: Do you know if they sell a version that you can download? Sep 27, 1: But you can buy an external DVD based optical drive from the vendor I already mentioned on this thread, http: Also If you take the machine into an authorized service center they can tell you if there is a PRAM battery which may be more than 4 years old is dead enough to cause the optical drive to malfunction, and have that PRAM battery replaced. Mind you depending on the model, a new battery may cost more than the optical drive since it can be just a plain capacitor sitting on the motherboard.

So get an estimate from them first how much it would to replace. PRAM batteries are separate from the batteries that let the notebook machine run off the mains. Apr 19, 2: I called Apple and spoke to a live representative. She said, "unfortunately you purchased a model that was the last of a series. Apple should resolve this.

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How could they all of a sudden not support an operating system that they designed? How could you leave customers, especially loyal ones without resolve like that? If I were to consider purchasing another Apple product in the future without getting this issue resolved, I'd be insane!

Apple should have a back-up system for situations like this. Apple customers should beware! You'll never know when the next Apple product's support comes to an abrupt end. Apr 19, 3: You can upgrade from And so on Time and computer tech has not stood still since Apr 23, 4: Apple made it very easy to upgrade from Jo 27 de janeiro de Jonny 9 de janeiro de 2: Luciano 11 de janeiro de Artur Ramos 29 de abril de Carlos Philipe 26 de janeiro de 3: Estou com o mesmo problema, ja resolveram?

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